Enchanting Fairy Gardens

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Oh my… more fairy magic in the Fairy Garden Competition this week. Check it out!

We totally adore this little garden… how cute are the little logs…

Carrie’s garden is fit for a Fairy Princess, oh, that bed!

Discovery Days and Montessori Moments has entered a gorgeous woodland wonderland.

This from Life’s A Party… well, yes, it looks like it is on these steps!!!

Look at this stump garden from Elina… too sweet for words! I can just feel the magical energy that went into making this woodland spot.

Whimsical Musings has a whole Fairy Island going on…
Come on, Friends, make your own fairy garden… you and your kids will have such fun!
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Blessings and magic and happy creating,
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3 thoughts on “Enchanting Fairy Gardens”

  1. They’re all so lovely. Unfortunately I can’t join this time as I don’t have a good camera. But I’ll certainly be making some of the designs with my children. I still love faeries.

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