Tutorail : An Arbor For Your Fairy Garden

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We have been hard at play in our fairy gardens. Many new ideas have had us creating all manner of fairy goodies. There is one delightful little project that I was going to show you today but, alas, darling Blogger had announced that I have reached my storage limit and may not upload any more photos! Oh No!! I didn’t know this could happen. Anyone had the same problem? Anyone know how to fix it?

So, as I can’t show you something new, I thought you might like to see one of our fairy garden projects from last year…

How to make an Arbor for your Fairy Garden.

Today we made an arbor for K’s Fairy Garden.
This is what we used to make it… strong but bendable wire, thin very bendable wire, my pliers and some paper roses for decoration.
I cut two pieces of the strong wire using my pliers, about 15 inches each. I bended the two pieces of wire into U shapes. Be sure to file the ends of all the wire so that it can’t poke any precious little hands.

I used the thin wire to connect the two U’s. I wisted it many times around the first U and then the other. The gap between the two U’s was about 1 inch.

I continued this process up the wire…

Until the arbor frame was complete.

Then K added the roses to make it look beautiful and rushed out to her Fairy Garden to put it into its place.

She announced a little later that, in the morning, there is going to be a royal wedding and a fairy and a prince are going to get married under the ‘magnificent’ arbor… I can’t wait to see!
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3 Responses

  1. I have heard about this happening to someone else. I can’t remember if she was able to purchase more photo space or what she did.

    do you resize your photos before you upload them? I resize mine to about 30% in my photo programme…Paint Shop Pro.

    I don’t know if you realise, but your blog also takes a long time to load. When the page seems to be completely there and I start to scroll down to the post, my computer tells me to wait because there is a long running script.

    Not sure what that means, but for that and the photo problem, you could google your question and see what others have said about getting around it.
    lots of luck,
    Sandy in the UK

  2. I do not have any problems loading your blog, it loads quickly (within seconds)…Sandy, it sounds like it might be your computer maybe?

    Good luck on figuring out what it is :-) I will just have to enjoy your archives in the meantime!

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