Living the Millionaire Life

The Enchanted Cupboard was one of my very first sponsors and I am very happy that Beccijo has been with me for almost two years. It was love at first sight when I first saw her magical wooden toys. I have so enjoyed watching her shop grow and her creativity explode… oh my… her shop is so aptly named… it is An Enchanted Cupboard for sure!!
Today, Beccijo has written a guest post for us. It’s a story of how we can do anything!
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Living the Millionaire Life

I am sure this post’s title sparked your interest! This is more about living a dream, than it is about a fat bank account, though, more about finding joy. Years before my etsy shop, when my house was full of little boys, I had a dream to live my best life. I wanted to be thriving, not just surviving. Most days it was hard to find joy as all 3 of my boys were under 5 and my house and life showed it. While I spent many hours watching my boys grow and learn, I needed something to do for myself. So I started a dream journal, “What I would do if I won the Lottery.”

Being an at-home homeschooling mom with a husband who worked long hours gave me a lot of time to think. I was starting to feel like I was losing myself in a world of plastic toys and boy stuff. My journal was fun and gave my brain something to do. Now something you must know about me, if I am going to do something, I do it well!  Even my daydreams – I did them well. I planned and made a list, well several hundred lists (but who’s counting)? I planned crazy extended family vacations and made green living camping villages. Over time, my list came down to what I would truly do, how I would live with no obstacle.

I found the real me while doing this fun game, and one day, I thought, ‘the only thing keeping me from this dream life is not the lottery but ME’. Before, I had decided that to have this BEST life I needed money, but I didn’t, I just needed a plan! My journal had now become a dream board.  I collaged what I saw my life being, and everyday I prayed and meditated about it. I found pictures on the internet that gave the feel of what I truly wanted and I tacked them on my board. Slowly my dream was mapped out before me, and I placed it on the wall and I looked at it everyday! I envisioned myself there, and soon, I realized I could have what I wanted as long as I was open to how it came to me.

Being open was probably the hardest part… accepting that things could just come to me because I wanted them. Like I wanted a great pair of jeans that fit just right, but maybe, I had to be open that they might be hand–me-down and not a great bargain at the mall.  As I was given each gift from my board, the picture it represented was taken down. Soon, I could see spaces opening, and as they did I reworked and added new things.

My husband and I had given up hope of having a little girl or at least that is what we/I said. I had a tiny picture of a baby tied up in a pink ribbon on my board, and the day we got our ultrasounds showing her, I kissed it, took it down and put it in my journal. She is perfectly what I wanted!! She was very girly and sweet! She also brought me my desire to make things. I wanted to fill her world with pretty things, things I made for her. Out of that came my shop full of lovely girly things to treasure and adore. This brought a new chapter to my life and ETSY into my world.

Slowly each picture came down: a house in the country, in Pennsylvania, to be exact, with room for the boys to run; a new job for the hubby, with a short commute and more time for the family, to name a few. We got like-minded friends for me and the kids, and a great homeschooling community. My business is booming and I opened a brick and mortar store in town. All things that we have been blessed with have been taken down, one by one.

We keep dreaming; it is the best part of being human. We have now made a new board focusing on our family and the mini farm we will have one day. The greatest lesson I learned is that our hearts’ desires are just waiting like tiny seeds, just under the ground, to be able to grow and bring us joy.

What would you put on your dream board?

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Oh, yes we can!!
Thanks for sharing your inspiring story, Beccijo. 
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 Blessings and magic,


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17 Responses

  1. Oh gosh. I think this is *exactly* what I needed to hear. The place I’m at in my life is.. not dark, exactly. But I feel so helpless and hopeless a lot of the time. I used to have a journal where I’d put things for my “dream house out in the country.” Maybe I should try a dream board. No. I *know* I should have one. Thank you for this wonderful (guest)post.

  2. hello – dream boards have been a big part of our lives for a while and now that my kids are older they are creating their own. My Waldorf childcare dayhome — has inspired a small doll making business and now i am considering opening an actual center, a real waldorf childcare center – with a community garden, and mixed ages in every room ! doesn’t that sound glorious ??? Go Dream boards ! thanks for the inspiration — if you put it on your board and stay open, anytning is possible.
    light and peace

  3. @eidolons I hear so many women say they feel this way, helpless and hopeless. Think of your life as a great novel and you hold the pen that writes the story. Wish it, Dream it, Make it!!!!
    Beccijo of The Enchanted Cupboard

  4. Oh, that was so inspiring,its just what I really needed to read at this momment. It so easy to forget your dreams and be bogged down with the every dayness of life. Thanks so much for this heart warming and encouraging post!

  5. What a beautiful post! I too started a vision board and found that if you are clear with what you want and alert to what the universe has to offer you then the possiblities are there for you to take.

  6. i really really love this story beccijo, it is just what i needed to hear today. recently my husband and i had put our mind together in this way and many of our dreams were fulfilled, but his job at the waldorf school is only part time and he was offered a position at public school right around the corner for full time—we have decided to have him stay at his waldorf job (of course) because we believe that dream can grow more. our extended family think we are crazy :) but sometimes the dreams are wild but JUST RIGHT! thanks for this post! <3

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