Carrots for Fairies.

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 We are still working on our fairy garden and the kids are adding little treasures to it daily. Our newest additions are a set of clay carrots for the fairies and gnomes to tend to.

Kitty has a large packet of Sculpey Clay that comes in handy for all sorts of projects. Alas, we had no orange! Hmmmm, we thought a little. “I know…” I said… “Can we add two colors together to make orange?” I suggested. “MOM!” Kitty replied… “Thant only works with paint!” She declared. “Well.” I said, “Let’s try with clay and see.” I replied.

We mixed yellow and red together and, would you know, we made orange!!! Wonders never cease!

We fashioned two little carrot shapes from our new orange clay. Then used a knife to make little ‘carrot’ markings on them.

With a toothpick, we made holes in the tops of our carrots. We cut a few lengths of embroidery thread and poked them into the holes we had just made in the tops of our carrots. Squeezed them a little to fasten them into the clay and then baked them at a very low heat until they hardened.

We planted them, watered them and are watching them grow.

There’s no end to the delight we are getting from our Fairy Garden!

I hope you’ll make a Fairy Garden of your own and enter it into the Fairy Garden contest. Please visit the Fairy Garden tab HERE or in the top NAVIGATION bar to see all the Fairy Garden tips, tutorials, features and enchanting photos.

Happy Fairy Gardening,
Blessings and magic,


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6 Responses

  1. Oh! We made little sculpey carrots for our garden, too! And a handful of other veggies for the faeries garden. Kaia has been planting and harvesting them over and over all summer. I love it!

    Your embroidery thread tops are genius, though. Ours are completely clay. While Kaia is very gentle with them, a couple of the veggies tops were snapped off when they were sat on by a cat, who thinks the faerie garden is her own, personal, luxurious bed.

    They glued back together easily enough, but I think their next incarnation with have thread or felt tops. I’m feeling a bit lacking in the brain department now. ;)

  2. Honestly, when I first saw the carrots I was sort of thinking “well, OK”. But then i saw them in the fairy garden. OMG. Too, too cute. YOU are amazing.

    I most likely won’t be joining in the competition next year, but I do think it is about time I build a fairy garden or a fairy house. I have fairies all over my garden and I just know they would love it!

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