A Peek Inside My Studio

When I first started my business, I had no idea that it would take on a life of it’s own. I needle felted at night when my children went to bed, sitting on a pillow on the living room floor. I soon took over the TV armoire (the TV having been relegated to the garage on it’s first step out of the house and our lives). All too quickly, the armoire filled up. My work spilled into every available crevice of the house.Then came the campervan years. I moved my needle felting supplies and creations out into the RV in the back yard. It was a super place to work, but soon, with hardly any storage space, it too filled to capacity. Having this be my work station also curbed our camping trips drastically… it would take hours to clean it out in anticipation of a weekend away.

After lots of begging, A Good Man finally agreed to give me his office for my studio. He moved his office into the garage… besides, who in America even uses their garage to park their cars, right?

This arrangement has worked wonderfully. We often work side by side after the kids have gone to bed, me in my glorious studio and he, next to me, in his little adjoining garage. And, I have so much lovely storage space. Ikea has been my saving grace with their little storage boxes and space saving goodies.

Oh, I do love my studio… look how glorious it is.

Enchanting little goodies on the ‘creation table’.

My chalk board for recording orders and of course Teddy’s pink guitar.

Lots of lovely hanging space for acorn ornaments (Christmas is coming up you know).

Boxes and boxes of gorgeously colorful acorns.

Outgoing orders and acorn caps.

Lots and lots of acorn caps.

How to needle felt kits ready to be shipped out to happy crafters like yourselves.

My piano and my boy who plays beautiful (or sometime not so) melodies for me while I work.

A herd of sheep on the windowsill to watch over all I do.

And some owls.

And a pretty needle felted painting.

And a wonderful view of the garden outside.

I am one lucky crafting mama!
Blessings and magic,


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14 Responses

  1. Oh, how wonderful. And inspiring. I need to seriously create a space for myself, at the moment everything is jumbled together in a serious of cloth bags stuffed in the closet so that I have to get practically everything out just to find what I need. Then commandeer the dining room table to work on. My husband is less than a fan of this process, and so am I. I do hope you had to do some picking up before photographing, though, I’m not sure I can believe in a studio that neat looking! ;)


  2. lol, Juise… yes, I did spend some time making my studio tidy :-)
    I’m messy by nature and with such a small space, it quickly jumbles up if I don’t discipline myself to keep it tidy. Plus, my husband has to pass through my studio to get to his workspace in the garage… he is a neat person and freaks out if he has to walk through a mess every day. It is always a work in progress :-)
    And, April… yes the sheep are in my shop.
    Thank you all for such kind words :-) Love ya all back!
    Blessings and magic,

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