Winners of the Fairy Garden Competition – 2011

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We have the Winners of the Fairy Garden Competition!But first, I need to let you know that choosing winners has been the hardest thing EVER! All of your gardens are beautiful enough to win, from the wonderfully child-made, played-in mossynesses, to the delightfully detailed miniature fairy wonderlands. Each and every garden is a work of art and all have brought amazing joy to me and my family. We have poured over your pictures, used your clever ideas in our own fairy gardens and delighted in the pure enchantment you and your little ones have created. For this delight, I want to thank you all from the deepest parts of my heart. You have made us smile and laugh and imagine. Thank you! Thank you!Without further ado… here are the winners, kind of in no particular order:

From Felicity and her sweet daughter S, here are photos of their Fairy and Cheeky Dragon Garden. Please click on the link to see more photos of this delightful land of magic and prepare to be utterly enchanted.

Look at their waterfall!

I fell in love with the innocent expression of joy I saw on S’s face here :-)

S, your sweet Beddy-bye Doll from Laleebu Toys is on her way to you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with us all.

Carin from The Knitted Garden and her girls made this woodland fairy garden. It is too amazing for words. Fairies live here for sure! Please click on her link above to see more photos of this enchantment, each photo gets more and more magical!

Carin, you and your kids have won your choice of DVD’s (Block Crayon, Form Drawing or the Math Ebook) from A Little Garden Flower. Thank you for sharing your fairy garden with us.

 : : :

Mom and kids from 2 Acre Woods had a real fairy garden adventure.

I just loved seeing how they set off into the woods to fill their wagon with all manner of fairy friendly goodies. And then to see the chicken helping them make their fairy garden… too delightful!

From Periwinkle Sky, you have won set of Friends and Fairies Note Cards.

Thanks for sharing your fun fairy gardening adventure with us.
Please click here to see more of this enchanting garden.

: : :
April (from My Three Rivers Home) and her children made a fairy garden full of moss and tiny shiny delights.

Just look at this magical home filled with little golden trinkets! Wow!

April, you and your little ones have won, from Woolies,  a gorgeous knitted gnome. I can see your little ones cuddling up to their new friend happily.

Thank you so much for sharing your delightful garden with us.
Please click here to see more photos of this enchanting fairy garden.

: : :

This fairy garden (from The Juicery) is full of all kinds of fairy delights. We have gazed and gazed at this garden many times and the fun thing is that we keep on seeing new things. Just this morning Kitty spotted a nest with robins eggs in the tree!

Do yourself a favor, friends, and click here to have a look at all of their photos… there are SO MANY charming details!
From The Enchanted Cupboard you guys have won this super cute Acorn Stacker. It will make a wonderful addition to your fairy garden.
: : :

We just loved April’s story of how she and her ‘older’ daughter gave fairy gardening a try and became totally and utterly engrossed in the business of fairy gardening. I smiled to see how they, like me when Kitty, Teddy and I made our fairy garden, found their inner-child again :-). Now that is magic!
More photos can be viewed on Aprils blog, April’s Homemaking.

From Felt On The Fly, you two have won a five piece felt ‘color story’ (8″ x 12″). You can choose any available color story in the shop or you can create your own story by choosing any five colors. I hope you will come back to show us what crafting fun you two have been up to with this gorgeous felt.

: : :
Gaby (from Mom Art Science) and her daughter made such a delightful fairy garden too, filled with so many sweet and magical details.
I love seeing how ‘palyed-in’ their garden is.
I hope you all click on this link to see the other photos of this enchanting garden.
Gaby, you two have won any choice of 8×10 photograph from Dovie Moon.
: : :
Melissa from Fancilicious Fairylands has a huge array of totally magical fairy gardens and fairy houses for you to look at. Browse her blog to see many beautiful fairy gardens.
Melissa, you have won this beautiful broach from From Skipping Stones.
: : :
And, last but not least, these enchanting gardens have won a super cute notepad and pencil set from
From Stubby Pencil Studio.
Please click on the links to see more photos of each gorgeous fairy garden.
Eddie’s Garden… his mom, Sarah, emailed me photos of their garden.
: : :
Phew, that’s it folks. Congrats to the winners.


To all of us and our beautiful children who sent in photos of our magical fairy gardens, we are all winners… we are winners for experiencing the joy of making our gardens with our children and seeing our children playing in their gardens. And, most of all, they are the winners of the grand prize… their gift is the belief that fairies really do exist, their knowledge that the world is magical and that they can have fun by playing in their own imaginations.


I hope you’ll make a Fairy Garden of your own and enter it into this year’s Fairy Garden contest. Please visit the Fairy Garden tab HERE or in the top NAVIGATION bar to see all the Fairy Garden tips, tutorials, features and enchanting photos.


Blessings and magic,


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15 Responses

  1. Ohhhh thank you so much! What an honor! Many squeals of delight and excitement in our home tonight! This has been so much fun and the fun is lasting– we’re thinking of ways to bring our fairy’s garden into fall. :)

  2. How exciting, thank you very much!! Me and my daughter had so much fun with our fairy garden as well as seeing all of the others- so many creative gardens! We are also looking forward to bringing our garden into the fall. We are excited about the felt- such beautiful colors. Thanks again!

  3. I adore April’s and Bowerbird Blue’s. I still have the suitcase one featured a while ago etched on my mind. I wouldn’t want the job of picking!
    We are so ecstatic to be one of the winners – well the older ones in the house are – Saskia being two just wants to play with the garden.
    Thank you for inspiring us!
    Felicity and Saskia

  4. Thank you so much! We are super excited! We love your beautiful photographs, so we are thrilled to chose one to hang on our wall :)
    This garden has given us so many hours of fun, and with all the amazing other gardens that we found here, we will certainly be making a lot more additions to it. Thanks again!!! :)

  5. WOW! What fantastic designs!

    I teach our annual Mommy and Me Fall Fairy Festival at work, and it’s always so incredible to see the magical, superdetailed ideas 2-5 year olds can pull from their imaginations… and then create!

  6. Oh, yay! Thank you so much! :D Kaia had to call her Grandparents to tell them right away. :)

    We have had so much fun collecting things on hikes and walks for our faerie garden, making things, and putting it all together.

    Kaia loves playing in her garden *so much*, and the girls are going to LOVE the mushroom stacker, how did you know it’s the one we had our eye on? ;)

  7. Oh, wow!! Thanks so much for featuring my Fairy house!! My Munchkin and all her pals have been so thrilled with it’s intricacies. Every fairy house that was entered had so many interesting ideas…I was totally inspired!!

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