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A Child’s Dream Come True GIVEAWAY!

We have our winner… it’s Lauren! Congrats :-)
And if you were wondering what Lauren thinks she’ll get with her $50 spending spree, this is what she wrote in her comments…
Hi… I found your awesome Giveaway through Hybrid Rasta Mama’s tweet… I would love to enter:) if I win I would probably get the “Tidy Up Kitchen Set”, the Wax Candle Rolling kit, and some roving… My daughter would love your shop…’,

Thanks again to Debbie and A Child’s Dream Come true for offering such a super giveaway!  For all of us who weren’t lucky enough to win this one, don’t forget that Debbie has offered all Magic Onions Readers 10% off their entire purchase until the end of November. So, Friends, now’s the time to get those goodies you need from A Child’s Dream Come True. Enter the word ‘MAGIC’ to redeem your discount.

* * *

Three years ago I discovered the wonderful art of needle felting and a whole universe opened up for me. I had always known that I was creative… I had, from a very young age, held a deep yearning to create, yet nothing I tried in the artistic realm seemed to work. Painting was not it no matter how hard I painted. I failed miserably in my pottery phase, I dabbled at making jewelry but could never master the intricacies of working with the different materials, and the list goes on and on.

But, friends, this is the truth… the very first time I picked up a felting needle, I KNEW I had found my medium. It was love at first sight. I made the cutest little toadstool on that first day and I was hooked. I have been a needle felting addict ever since, creating little woolen treasures at every available moment.

 A few days after making my first toadstool, I realized that I needed my very own library  of wool… I needed every color ever made. I called my expert felting friend and asked her where I could buy my own stash… her answer was A CHILD’S DREAM COME TRUE. Oh my gosh, I was totally blown away by what I could find in this gorgeous shop… any color roving my heart desired… moss green, fuschia pink, turquoise blue. I loved that I could purchase just a few colors at a time… I could pick and choose, getting just a few ounces or a pound.

I waited anxiously for my first order to arrive and sat with my new colors arranged carefully in my lap, gazing at them for the longest time. I was almost too nervous to actually use my new beautiful wool but soon I was away, making all manner of magical gnomes and mossy lands.

I discovered that I could buy braided wool for wild fairy hair.

 I could buy curly sheep’s fleece, IN RAINBOW COLORS!

I could buy felting needles when mine broke.

I could get my own felting board too.

So, when Debbie from A CHILD’S DREAM COME TRUE contacted me a while back asking about sponsoring The Magic Onions I was truly delighted. As I browsed through her shop all these years later, the excitement of my first needle felting adventures came flooding back to me… the flutter of my heart when my new package of wool arrived from her shop, the delight I felt when I first saw the gorgeous colors in person, when I held my roving in my own hand, the amazement I felt at the treasures I could create with this beautiful wool.

So friends, I’m so excited to present my new sponsor, A CHILD’S DREAM COME TRUE.

In Debbie’s words, we offer a mouth-watering selection of natural wool felt, felting wool, kits and creative supplies for all ages. You’ll also find some little wood toys, soft treasures and favorite books for children and families. We’re Waldorf-inspired, family-owned and operated and thankful to work, live and play in beautiful, rural North Idaho

I enjoyed reading about how Debbie and her family found a way to work their love of Waldorf into their everyday lives, here. An inspiration to all of us who want to work what we love.

Please have a browse through this amazing Waldorf inspired shop, A CHILD’S DREAM COME TRUE. I have always loved giving my friends and family Christmas gifts that can ignite a whole new creative adventure for them. And, for yourself, if you have been wanting to give needle felting a try, now you know where you can find the best of everything.


Debbie has generously offered a $50 spending spree gift certificate to one lucky reader. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post, telling me what you would (perhaps) get with your $50 from A CHILD’S DREAM COME TRUE?

You can enter 4 additional times by…
* ‘liking’ A Childs Dream Come True on Facebook
*blogging about this Giveaway so that others may have a chance to win too.
*tweeting about this Giveaway
* ‘liking’ The Magic Onions on Facebook

Please come back and add your additional entries by leaving an additional comment for each extra entry.

Winner will be chosen on Sunday, 20 November 2011.

And, if you just can’t wait and need to get something from this gorgeous shop right away, remember that Debbie has offered all Magic Onions readers a %10 discount until the end of November… just enter the code MAGIC at checkout for your discount to take effect.


Thank you, Debbie,
Blessings and magic,

Sorry, this draw is closed. Lauren won but A Child’s Dream Come True is offering all Magic Onions Readers 10% off their entire purchase until the end of November 2011… enter the word ‘MAGIC’ to redeem your discount.

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Donni Webber is the mom behind the popular natural living Waldorf website and blog, The Magic Onions - where the magic of nature and the wonder of childhood collide to make each moment a precious gift. She is a photographer, writer, crafter, wife and mother of two inspiring young children. Her work has been featured in many popular publications, including HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, Disney and Apartment Therapy.

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  1. Oh pls count me in- I would get some of the beautiful felt in the beautiful vibrant colors!
    I’ve never seen a felting board!

  2. What a beautiful selection of wools and other things! If I were to win the gift certificate, I would buy an assortment of dyed wools. They are all so yummy looking! And maybe some tools and maybe some arts & crafts kits, and…

  3. I would really like to enter !
    I have so wanted to try needle felting and I think if I were to win I would order a starter kit .
    I have to say I discovered A Child’s Dream come true last night while doing a search online for waldorf crafts lol
    then I came to your post this morning !
    I’m going to browse your blog a bit more now ☺
    I also liked you and the other blog on fb .

  4. Oh, my!! What a wonderful giveaway! I would definitely buy more roving. I am a beginner needle felter and am loving it. I just want to buy more of the basic supplies.

  5. I liked Magic Onions on FB.

  6. I liked A Child’s Dream Come True on FB.

  7. Thank you for the sharing the site A Child’s Dream Come True. I started wet felting this year and have been hoping to try needle felting. I would love to purchase the starter kit from A Child’s Dream Come True with the gift certificate.

  8. Thanks for the tip on this great shop! I feel like a child again with all the crafting goodies. I just discovered the joy of needle felting myself and would like to buy some supplies and some kits.

  9. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway and for introducing me to A Child’s Dream Come True. Everything in so lovely it is hard to chose. :) I am new to needle felting and would love the Ashford Corriedale Rainbow Colors wool…so vibrant.

  10. I ‘like’ the Magic Onions on FB (via http://www.facebook.com/ziezoKenya)

  11. I like A Child’s Dream Come True on FB.

  12. I like A Child’s Dream on FB (via http://www.facebook.com/ziezoKenya)

  13. I like The Magic Onions on FB too. :)

  14. What would I get from A Child’s Dream Come True? Plant-dyed wool felt!

    Thank you for such a wonderful give-away…

    P.S. Today I have a post on my blog featuring some fairy-garden renovations! http://webloomhere.blogspot.com/2011/11/our-fairy-garden-revisited.html

  15. I “Like” you on Facebook!


  16. I “Like” A Child’s Dream Come True” on Facebook!


  17. Like you I also love needle felting and was surprised at how much my kids love it too. We have given away several beautiful needled felted gifts to family and friends and they are always so well received.

    If I were to choose something from the shop it would be wool roving in a myriad of colours (I am particularly loving the purple and orange shades), and a massive supply of needles. Please tell me I am not the only one whose kids break a fair few needles…

  18. Like you, I also love sculpting with wool!

    If I were to be fortunate enough to win I’d start by selecting some of the braided wool in dark auburn (to match my daughters’ hair), light brown, and blond. Then I’d select some naturally dyed gnome fleece and some of the gnome beard fleece. I’d also select some of the silk/merino blend in ocean, field of rye, woodland, mulberry, and black currant. By then I’m sure I’d have long exhausted the $50, but would still dream of a rainbow full of the dyed corriedale wool!

  19. I’ve “liked” A Child’s Dream Come True on FB!

  20. I’ve “liked” The Magic Onions on FB!

  21. I just started wet felting with my knitting group! I am hooked. We have made felted soaps, crowns, flowers and ornaments. So much fun! I would love to try needle felting. $50 would help me buy the tools I need to get started. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  22. I would love to win this giveaway! I would use the gift card to purchase some spinning equipment. I would love to spin my own wool to knit with!

  23. I like A Child’s Dream Come True on fb

  24. tweeted the giveaway

  25. i like The Magic Onions on fb :)

  26. What a generous giveaway! I think I would buy some roving. My stash is dwindling!

  27. I like a Child’s Dream on facebook.

  28. I like Magi Onions on facebook.

  29. I tweeted this.

  30. This is a wonderful giveaway. Love everything in your shop.:)D

  31. we have a small bag of local wool that we picked up at a craft fair.

    I would use this certificate to get needles and more wool to make faerie folk for solstice presents!

    Our crafting budget is so tight this year! This would be of great help!!

  32. What wouldn’t I buy from A Child’s Dream?! Right now, I could use some more roving, but there is a nice selection of books I would love too! Too hard to decide!

  33. i “like the magic onions on FB :D

  34. I liked on Facebook!

  35. I tweeted!

  36. i “liked” A Childs Dream Come True on FB!

  37. A Child’s Dream Come True is also a grownup’s dream come true, too. When I started to make dolls out of wool felt, I searched for a number of online places, as local resources were scarce. ACDCT ended up being my go-to place for felt. When people ask me where I get my felt, I have no reservations about recommending this resource. It’s not just altruistic– if I send more customers to the shop, the shop thrives, and I benefit as a result. Everyone wins!

  38. I “like” the Magic Onions on FB… of course!

  39. P.S. I just realized that it would be unsporting of me to have my “like” for The Magic Onions on FB be counted as an entry, as I’m already a fan. However, I did not answer directly what I would get from A Child’s Dream Come True. I would get felt, of course, Holland Wool felt. But then, I’d also be tempted to get some wooden doll-bases to try out some of the patterns found in Feltcraft, by Petra Berger.

  40. i tweeted the giveaway!


  41. I love their doll making supplies. That is where I got everything to make my little ones first Waldorf dolls last Christmas. That is probly what I would get if I were fortunate enough to win the gift certificate, more doll making supplies :)

  42. I like a Child’s Dream come true on FB

  43. I love that shop, too many wonderful things to choose from :) I think I would get the gnome kit, and some roving, or maybe wool felt.

  44. whenever i go to a child’s dream come true i just sit and drool. thank you for the chance.

  45. I like Magic Onions on FB

  46. I’ve “liked” A Child’s Dream on FAcebook

  47. What a beautiful shop! If I were chosen to win a $50 gift certificate, I would certainly apply it toward an order of color sets #2 and #3 to make some Wee Felt Folk ornaments and some animals. Love the lush colors and love the family-owned even more!

  48. I would had a wonderful time shopping for wool for needle felting. I love to needle felt :) This is a great giveaway!

  49. I would use it for some felt and needles to make some animals. Although their doll kits look amazing too.

  50. everything is so great. id get the wood gnome in a tree and gnome ornament.

  51. Oh. My. Gosh! I have been wanting to try needle felting for quite some time. I’ve done a bit of wet felting with my daughter at her Waldorf school, but never needle felting. If I won this $50 credit, I would get the needle felting beginners kit, the wash board, and probably the bunny needle felting kit.
    Thank you both SO MUCH for offering this!

  52. How beautiful is that felt, or that wool!?….i have been wanting to learn to felt for years! What a great shop.

  53. I liked The Magic Onions on Facebook!

  54. I liked I Child’s Dream Come True on Facebook as well!

  55. I tweeted this giveaway!

  56. oh it’s hard to say…..i love this shop so much. i would probably add to my felt supply and get some wooden doll bases for gnomes!

  57. i like a child’s dream on FB
    (kimberly salerno)

  58. I blogged about your giveaway at http://craftymomsshare.blogspot.com/2011/11/lazy-day-but-lots-of-crafting.html with a link to you.

  59. I would get wool felt or some needle holder felting tool. Felting is my new knitting!

  60. I liked Magic onions on facebook!

  61. Oh, I wouldn’t even know where to begin, spending $50 there! I have so many things on my wish list… Maybe some fiber, or art supplies, or books… xo

  62. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. If I were to win the certificate I would stock up on all things felting. I am new to this and would love to be able to get more supplies! :-)

  63. I liked Magic Onions on Facebook.

  64. I liked A Childs Dream Come True on Facebook.

  65. I would be over-the-moon with joy if I won! My Granddaughter is beginning her education at a Waldorf School in Maine and how I would love to supply her with some of this ‘love’ for Christmas.

  66. I would totally get a “starter kit” of items to get my son and I started! I am so glad you have posted about her shop online. For over a year now I’ve looked in stores and have had no luck finding felting supplies. I see all of the cute creations you and your kiddos make, and I so want to share this art medium with my son! :)

  67. I liked A Child’s Dream on FB. :)

  68. I liked The Magic Onions on Fb. :)

  69. Oh, I either get the silk-merino or the fiber books from Bette Hochberg.

  70. I would use the gift certificate for purchasing more wool for my woodland gnome collection! I really need blues and greens:)

  71. I “Liked” a Childs dream on facebook

  72. I also “like” magic onions on facebook

  73. what lovely shop! id have to get two balls of potluck roving in parasise and party time for spinning and the needle felting kit :) raineoc@yahoo.com :)

  74. i like A Child’s Dream on fb :) raineoc@yahoo.com

  75. i like a childs dream on fb :) raineoc@yahoo.com

  76. i like you on fb :) raineoc@yahoo.com

  77. i like you on fb :) raineoc@yahoo.com

  78. I’ve always really wanted to try needle felting; it sounds like such a fun hobby!
    I would definitely get the starter kit and a handful of different colours. They’re all so pretty!

  79. Ohh, I get the same giddy feeling when I am around wool, I just cannot have enough I absolutely love it.
    I have been a customer at A Child’s Dream Come True for many years.
    I would likely get some wool felt, or perhaps Stockmar water colors as I have run out, or perhaps some fairy wool or perhaps……

  80. I also like on Facebook:)

  81. Oooh, such fun and so generous! Thanks for the opportunity!

  82. Sorry, I forgot to say what I would choose. Definitely lots of fairy wool! And I’m a fan already of the shop!

  83. Also a fan of Magic Onions on FB! Thanks!

  84. Oooh! I would get the welt felting kits and the old fashioned washboard.

  85. I liked Magic onions on FB

  86. I liked The Magic Onions on FB

  87. If I were to win….I would start NEEDLE FELTING!! I completely empathized with your artistic endeavors and I have been staring down my computer screen on Amazon and scouring friends’ bookshelves for a book to get started with needle felting. I WANT to start! I just tried wet felting for the first time and now wonder why I have never tried it before. Now I want to needle felt, especially after seeing the story dolls at the parent/tot group I attend with my daughter at our local Waldorf school. Did I mention that I am slightly shameful that I don’t know how because I just completed my Waldorf teacher certification?!?! I am a high school science teacher though so I guess I have a little bit of an excuse ;). Thanks for the awesome inspiration (and giveaway!). I am going to “like” up a storm!

  88. I just liked Magic Onions on Facebook!

  89. I have just “liked” aka “loved” A Child’s Dream Come True on facebook.

  90. And last, but not least (!), I have just liked the post on Magic Onion’s Facebook page about the giveaway from A Child’s Dream Come True!!! Thanks!

  91. I would get Alphabet and Math Cards, a book, maybe TipToes Lightly and some roving. I’d probably end up spending $50 on top of the prize!

  92. I :liked” A Childs Dream Come True on FB.

  93. I’ve also “liked” Magic Onions on FB.

  94. I would probably buy wool… roving and batting! Maybe some yarn… hmmm choices!

  95. Oh how wonderful! I think I would by roven.

  96. Liked Magic onions on FB

  97. Liked A Child’s Dream come true on FB

  98. I am a Magic Onions fan on FB, and I liked A Child’s Dream there too. : ) A needle felting question, I have always used a felting brush as a base. Do you find the foam works better? I haven’t ever tried one, but I would like to! Thank you! : )

  99. So many wonderful things to choose from! We would love the felt or roving supplies :-) thanks :-) and we already ‘like’ you on FB

  100. So many beautiful things! I love the wet felting kits and old fashioned wash boards. I have two little ones who love to play with water (who does not?! :-D) Thank you for the giveaway and thank you for a wonderful blog!

  101. A like A Child’s Dream Come True on FB

  102. And I already like Magic Onions on FB too :-)

  103. Golden Bryant says:

    I would buy a rainbow of felting wool to use for holiday gifts!

  104. Golden Bryant says:

    I also liked you on FB!!

  105. Maybe a beeswax candle rolling kit? There are so many amazing options!

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  106. It’d be a hard choice between a roving assortment and felting needle and a waldorf doll pattern/supplies! both things i’m itching to try!

  107. We adore their wool felt. They have the most amazing colors and fabulous quality too! Thank you for this giveaway!

  108. What a lovely store! I would buy the beeswax candle rolling kit, (always wanted one) and Stockmar modeling wax.
    Thank you!

  109. Wow, what an amazing store. Thank you for aw onderful giveway!
    I would definitely buy more wool roving and some art supplies for kiddos :)

  110. Liked The magic onions on facebook :)

  111. Liked A child’s Dream on facebook :)

  112. I’ve been wanting to try needle felting for years. I would definitely get beginners supplies and give it a go if I won this generous giveaway.

  113. I also like a Child’s Dream on fb.

  114. And I liked the Magic Onions on fb. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  115. This has been one of my favorite shops for many years! I don’t even have to look to say what I would buy… I might just buy felting wool of course, but really I have had my eye on the plant dyed sheets of felt for a long time. And those needle felting tools that hold multiple needles. I really need to get one of those someday! They have wonderful books too… Thanks for the great offer!

  116. I would get all sorts of colors if I won – I have so many needle felting projects I am dying to try out but lack the proper colors.

  117. I barely need to look at the site — ’cause I’ve already been window shopping for the holidays. I’d get the pony & bunny sewing kits for my kids. A cable car kit is a necessity. As are pocket gnomes! Oh please, pick me! nancywalters44@hotmail.com

  118. I like The Magic Onions on fb. nancywalters44@hotmail.com

  119. I like A Child’s Dream on fb. nancywalters44@hotmail.com

  120. Ohhh I would get some wool felt and some roving for felting! I have always wanted to try felting!

  121. Liked you on facebook :)

  122. Oh my gosh, i could spend THOUSANDS of dollars there- i’d buy more colors of wool for needle felting or perhaps some yummy wool felt… ahhh…

  123. I liked a child’s dream come true on FB

  124. and i liked magic onions too!

  125. And i tweeted!!

  126. Oh the things I would make… count me in!

  127. Liked The Wild Onions on Facebook!

  128. Like A Childs Dream on facebook!

  129. Tweeted about the giveaway!

    Thank you!

  130. I will love to win this giveaway, I would buy some drawing material for my little girl.
    Thanks for hosting

  131. I’d get some felt supplies– always wanted to try it! What a wonderful giveaway!

  132. I like ACDCT on FB!

  133. Oh pick me! pick me! I would buy lots of wool felt ooooh probably the holland felt, yes for my Christmas craft that is lurking around in brain searching for a way out : ) Serina

  134. And Magic onions! :-)

  135. and btw I think it goes without saying but I’ll say it anyways… I LOVE the magic onions – sjf

  136. I’d get some of the Living Crafts magazines and maybe some Merino/silk roving.

  137. I’ve Liked A Child’s Dream on FB

  138. I’ve ‘liked’ you on FB

  139. What an appropriate name for a store! A Child’s Dream indeed! My children would LOVE the wooden play puzzles and play silks. But I also love the book selection you have. Thanks for the opportunity!

  140. I liked Magic Onions on FB

  141. I liked A Child’s Dream Come True on FB.

  142. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I would get some wool felt, how exciting :)

  143. I liked magic onions on fb!

  144. I liked a child’s dream come true on fb!

  145. I tweeted the giveaway!

  146. ooohh what a lovely giveaway, my kiddies would just love to delve into making items out of wool. I would pit the felting wool and some we felting items.

  147. I follow you on facebook (via my page Scentedsweetpeas)

  148. I also follow/like childs dream come true on facebook (via my page Scentedsweetpeas)

  149. Yay! My husband is building our daughter a kitchen for Christmas, so I would use the gift certificate for some play kitchen accessories. :)

  150. I am a fan of A Child’s Dream Come True on facebook. :)

  151. I am a fan of Magic Onions on facebook. :)

  152. Thank you for the chance!
    I adore A Child’s Dream. We need to replenish our supply of wool felt!

  153. Oh I love this shop! I would order felt and wool….so many wonderful colors to choose from!!

  154. Already a FB MagicOnions liker.

  155. New liker to ACD on FB!

  156. I would love to win a gift certificate…to purchase a variety of roving in multiple colors!


  157. Dear Donni, I am following you for many-many months, but it’s just today that I made a google account and Ican leave a named comment! Once I have commented aw anonymus.
    Ilike your blog,everything you make with your children,I am doing things like you trying to make them lovers of nature! I’d love to participate at your giveaway! What a perfect place “a chid’s dream come true” is…! I wish I could be in America for a while and come and visit you and tiw shop too!
    It would me an extraordinary dream for me to win…I love felting and everything about!!! Love and happiness from little Greece ;-)

  158. I would probably get some of the lovely wooden figures or play silks for my kids as I haven’t had much time for crafting lately and can’t take on a new project when I still have several unfinished ones.

  159. I would love some wool and more needles. Beautiful store!

  160. Wow, such a wonderful selection of Waldorf art supplies… it’s hard to choose! I’d have to say felting supplies and wool felt for figures for circle time. Thank you for the chance!

  161. Books like Mother Earth and her Children and the Gravity Car kit. I ordered the cable car last year and it is still up in our house and used daily. Wonderful things found in that shop!

  162. i would so very much like to win this!!!

  163. I would get the needle felting starter kit and probably one of the animal felting kits – like the owls. They’re really cute

  164. I liked A Child’s Dream on FB.

  165. I liked The Magic Onions on FB.

  166. What a great giveaway and what wouldn’t I buy? I need some more wool and some felting supplies so I suspect it would go that route! This is my favorite shop for supplies!

  167. I am a Facebook fan of The Magic Onions!

  168. I am a Facebook Fan of Child’s Dream Come True

  169. I tweeted this…reluctantly!

  170. What a generous giveaway! All of the wool felts are beautiful, but I’d have to say my favorite is the plant dyed sheet felt.

  171. hi! not trying to duplicate. i commented and it’s not appearing. log-in was wonky.

    would love love love to get some holiday craft supplies…premium wool felt, roving in holiday / earthy colors. much needed needles, too!!

    already a fan on FB, but i liked magic acorns just now.


  172. Hi… I found your awesome Giveaway through Hybrid Rasta Mama’s tweet… I would love to enter:) if I win I would probably get the “Tidy Up Kitchen Set”, the Wax Candle Rolling kit, and some roving… My daughter would love your shop…

  173. I also tweeted about this giveaway.
    Thank you!

  174. I would really love to make one of the fairies or angels from the Magic Wool Fairies Book if I won and I then would need to get some materials to make one of these creations. Thanks for the opportunity and you are very generous.

  175. Love your needle felting creations by the way, so cute.
    I would definately get some more colors of roving, and that Holland felt looks so yummy. And also have to get some doll making supplies and (I know I’m over the $50) probably some music as well. Stop me now….
    thank you

  176. betsy mitchell says:

    I am making crafts to sell at our holiday fair at the Waldorf School of Bend. Two on my children attend this beautiful school, and I am also the second grade teacher. All the proceeds from my booth will go to help fund Waldorf teacher training and continuing education classes. I recently found A Child’s Dream Come true, and would love to be able to use the gift cerificate to purchase more supplies and make more crafts. Asside from raising money for the teachers, the crafts themselves really speak to the children. The wool is so warm and soft that the children are drawn to its beauty and connection with nature. Thank you for posting such inspiring ideas for crafts. Our imagination is a spark of light in these darkening winter days. Betsy Mitchell

  177. I just learned to knit and am loving it! I would definitely get a whole bunch of the gorgeous Lamb’s pride wool yarn.

    Aby Runyan

  178. How pretty! Felting is one of the few fiber arts I haven’t tried and know I would love. :)

  179. I would win the give away, I would certainly choose a bit of all the wonderful colors of roving A CHILD’S DREAM COMES TRUE carries. I am an avid needle felter, always on the lookout for new and inspiring materials.

  180. I also like the Magic onions on Facebook

  181. If i won i would get an insane amount of that beautiful colored roving!

  182. Oh, please! Oh, please! Oh, please! I have never needle felted and would love a chance to try! Thank you!

  183. I liked A Child’s Dream on Facebook! Thank you!

  184. I like The Magic Onions on Facebook! Thank you!

  185. I’ve also just discovered needle felting and would love to choose a bunch of roving for making gifts and hand-felting with my twin daughters. I also love the kits- they are inspiring!

  186. Learning to needle felt is on my to-do list for next year as we introduce more and more Waldorf elements into our home. I’ve always been intimidated by it but I’m going to overcome that! If I won I think I would order the starter kit to break myself in slowly. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  187. I would order some beautiful felt to make some felt ornaments for our yule tree and a craft book :)

  188. WOuld love this giveaway as I just placed a small order but couldnt afford all I wanted. I would buy some beautiful felt so my daughter and I can make some ornaments for our yule tree. As well would love a craft book :)))))))))

  189. I already “like” your FB page :)))))))))

  190. “Liked” a Child’s Dream FB page as well :)

  191. I have wanted to try felting for a while so I would get supplies for that.

  192. Thought I had liked you on facebook before apparently not. I have now thanks for the chance.

  193. What a wonderful giveaway! I *think* I’d invest in some more supplies- I’m down to one semi-sharpish needle. And of course some roving to get me through the winter!

  194. Thank you for the amazing give away! Your roving looks amazing! Warmly, Susan Seiguer..

  195. I would love some more felt! What a nice giveaway!

  196. Thank you for the chance! I would probably get some felting supplies to make Christmas gifts. We are cutting it close budgetwise so that would save us!

  197. I would love to learn how to do needle felting, have always loved felt. If I were to win, I’d get the basic supplies to teach myself felting and would like to make a small bunny. But the Stockmar watercolors are tempting too.

  198. I have liked A Childs Dream Come True on FB because I really want to win some felting materials.

  199. And now I’ve liked The Magic Onions on FB as well (just felt like it).

  200. What an amazing giveaway, I love needle felting, it is an amazing medium to create with!! I would love to update some of my supplies and not to mention all of the other goodies at this shop, can’t wait to browse more!

  201. I have liked Magic Onions on Facebook :)

  202. I am now a fan of Child’s Dream Come True. Thanks!!

  203. thankyou for sharing this beautiful space. I could feel the projects jumping from the screen as I looked at the rich and vibrant colours. for me?… I would choose a mixture of Holland and 3mm thick felts…and spread them all around myself as I decided what to create xxxxx

  204. I would get on of the puzzle wood toys! lilsis_75@hotmail.com

  205. Wow, I had trouble getting to the end of this long list of comments. I would love to win this contest. I could really use some more roving. I love to decorate my dollshoes with this technique. I feel like the author of this post – so blessed to have discovered the art of needlefelting. If I didn’t make dolls I’d felt all the time…

  206. awesome! I love needlefelting!

  207. Awesome giveaway!!! I love A Childs Dream Come True! If I were to win, I would have to get some books and some wool felt! Thanks for this chance!

  208. What a generous giveway!! I would take some wool for my new project…spinning :) !! Thanks again!!

  209. I have always wanted to needle felt & would love a chance to win these beautiful supplies!

  210. I would love some wool felt to get started on our Christmas gifts. What a great giveaway:) Thanks

  211. Oh Yes, I’ve spent much time browsing through this store online. There’s so much to love. Especially fond of the detailed descriptions and availablitiy of organic crafty supplies! ♥Aleta♥

  212. I’m already a fb liker (well, lover), of The Magic Onions and have just popped my head in to say Hello at A Child’s Dream too.
    We’re all crossing our fingers and toes!
    Aleta ღ

  213. Liked Magic Onions on FB!

  214. Liked you on FB!

  215. My daughter has just expressed an interest in needle felting… would love to meet that!

  216. I will buy wool for felting and some of that curly sheep’s fleece. I feel the same way about needle felting, by the way, although I am nowhere near as talented as you!

  217. I have already ‘liked’ The Magic Onions on Facebook. Can I get an extra entry for that?

  218. I would buy some supplies for making dolls and other small toys for my daughter, nephews, and niece. I LOVE their supplies and it would be great to be able to splurge a bit and make some beautiful gifts.

  219. Heather C W says:

    awesome give-away! thank you so much for offering this : ) i would love get some roving and water color paints. thanks again!

  220. Heather C W says:

    just “liked” A Child’s Dream Come True on FB. wow, what a great store…

  221. oh my word! this would make my holiday season! i really want to try needle felting but keep passing it over due to budget!

  222. liking magic onions on Facebook!

  223. Wow, thank you for this giveaway!Would love the St-Nicholas and the wooden dragon!

    I blogged about it here! http://talesofnortherntribe.blogspot.com/2011/11/art-of-tales.html

  224. I shared the love on twitter!

  225. I like your page on facebook!

  226. I like A child’s dream come true on facebook too!

  227. PS – I liked magic onions on facebook!

  228. I would definitely make a lovely bowl of felted acorns with my wee ones, and perhaps a few felted bowls as well. Thank you for the wonderful craft ideas!

  229. pps – I liked A Child’s Dream Come True on facebook!

  230. I love everything in a child’s dream come true! I would get doll making supplies- definitely! Oh, and those beautiful wooden needles for our handwork!
    nominoodle at yahoo dot com

  231. throwing my hat in, we just felted some angels, I think winning this giveaway would be my child’s dream come true. thank you!

  232. Hi, please delete my first comment as the url was wrong. that being said, what a dreamy giveaway. I think I love the wooden painted puzzles best! wowee

  233. happy to like on fb, already liked mo. thanks!

  234. I would get my daughter the wood kitchen tools. She is 2 and loves watching and helping me in the kitchen.


  235. What a wonderful prize to win!!! Thank you!I liked you on FB to enter!

  236. and now I liked A Child’s Dream Come True on FB too for another chance!!!!

  237. What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to get a few play silks and clips for fort-making!

  238. I like Magic Onions on Facebook.

  239. I like A Child’s Dream on Facebook.

  240. Tomorrow is my birthday so this would make a wonderful gift! Thanks for the chance!

  241. LIKED you on facebook!

  242. My daughter truly enjoys needle felting and making gifts. I think I might give her the certificate as her Christmas gift.

  243. I *liked* the Magic Onion on face book!

  244. I *like* a Child’s Dream Come True on facebook!!

  245. I would get finger knitting yarn and other craft supplies.

  246. I like A Childs Dream Come True on Facebook (Susan W)

  247. I like The Magic Onions on Facebook (Susan W)

  248. Love everything in the shop, but I need some felt and roving.

  249. Wow! I would love to do more needle felting, and this looks like a perfect kick start!


  250. I would love to win this! I discovered the fun of needle felting last winter and would really enjoy making more gnomes and fairies this year with some beautiful roving! amy_h1400 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  251. Oh . My. Goodness! How does one choose? What wonderful things in the shop. I would replenish my stash of felts and roving , for sure a foam, (mine looks rather sad at the moment) and may have to buy a book or two. Maybe Wee Folk. I’m sure my money is spent already.
    thanks for introducing me to this site and for sharing!

  252. I’d get some pretty yarn and perhaps some Stockmar crayons.

  253. I like The magic onion on fb! And I’m in love with your heart breaking blog!

  254. Eek, hope I’m not too late :) I would love to win this and would choose some of her lovely crafting books and some wool for felting.

  255. I like magic onions on facebook (as Tara MR)

  256. I also like Childs dream come true on facebook (as Tara MR)

  257. Awesome! I am so grateful to be the winner! Thank you for contacting me Donni, I will email Debbie right now… Much Love ~*~

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