We had a cold front come to visit from Alaska this weekend. She shed her white cloak of snow all over our mountains and her frozen breath still sits heavy in our Southern Californian air. It’s so cold we’ve had to turn on our central heating in our home which is a drastic step for me, who dreads those first central heating days with their funky, dusty, smell and their drying, itching, air.So, the long and short of it all, is that Winter has arrived to our sunny part of the world and we can at last lose ourselves in her awesome crafts.

Time for the pine cone garland to go up!

Here is our version.

Collect a basket of pine cones. Find some festive ribbon, some eye hooks and your drill.

Drill little holes just the right size for your eye hooks into the tops of your pine cones.

Twist in the eye hooks.

Each pine cone gets an eye hook.

String your pine cones evenly along the festive ribbon, knotting the eye hooks in place as you thread and, Voila! Suddenly your home will start to look a lot like Winter!

Pretty and pretty easy!
Blessings and magic,


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15 Responses

  1. Love your garland. I just made pine cone garlands as well and did a post, yours appear to be longer lived than mine. Do you think you can continue to use the same year after year?

  2. like this idea, i had to laughted as well, because two years ago it was easy to find those pine cones in the woods but now i live nearby the seashore it’s a diffucult one.LOL
    but i love the idea of the project , thank you for the sharing;-D

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