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How to make Playdough Christmas Ornaments

On the day before Thanksgiving, when I had so much to get done for our massive FEAST  and my children desperately wanted to play with me too, we brought out the beloved playdough recipe. Together, we made such lovely colored playdough and then they played with it for hours and hours, making all sorts of fun little goodies. You can see our recipe and the cute little guys we made in this post here.Yesterday, we used a little of this playdough (which we store for ages in the fridge) to make some pretty little Christmas Ornaments.

We rolled each color out flat with a rolling pin.

Then we cut out Christmassy shapes using my Christmas cookie cutters.

Poked a hole in the top of each using a skewer and sprinkled them with glitter.

We used my special vintage glitter that I found at an Estate Sale a while ago… can you see the store price sticker that says that a bottle of glitter costs 19c! Those were the days.

Teddy made a Christmas Tree.

We popped them onto wax paper and then into the oven for an hour at a low temperature of 250 F.

When they came out of the over, we let them cool and then tied a little Christmassy ribbon to hang them with, They are waiting to decorate our Christmas tree :-)

We love their colors and that the glitter sparkles in the winter sun.

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  1. Very cool!

  2. That’s so cute! I have a feeling my kids would start asking me to bake all of their play dough creations after that ;)

  3. As a mama of a baby who is (almost) all grown up now, don’t ever let those precious chances pass you by! There will always be a meal to prepare, but there won’t always be opportunities to play with the little ones…

    Your ornaments are the *sparkly*bestest* ever! Thanks for sharing this sweet post : )

    Makes me want to go and make/bake some play dough myself…hmmmm….I wonder if my 17 year old son might join in….

    Janet, FeltOnTheFly

  4. Cute! We just made a smaller version of your spring stars as Christmas ornaments.

  5. Going to be so fun to do this in the morning with my 1 year old daughter! so excited to make them =)

  6. Cindy Avila says:

    I love your playdough recipe! It’s so nice and stretchy and smooth. Perfect consistency!! Thank you so much for the inspiration as well! Cheers!

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