The Joys of Parenting.

The littlest things can make us feel so proud. We work very hard to be good parents; to try to teach, to give, to encourage. We nurse, we feed, we cloth our kids. We love them unconditionally, we nurture their spirits, we give them nature. We discipline, we scold, we model. We go without so that they can have. We show them freedom, we draw the line. We do all of these things and so much more, knowing that most of our work goes unnoticed. Not very often is someone going to say to us, ‘Well done!’, ‘you handled that right’, ‘You get an A+’.

But, if you look closely, we are rewarded all the time… all the time! And our rewards are so much better than words… they are rewards of the soul… they are the sparkles in the eyes of our children, they are in the little offerings of a daisy chain they have made especially for us. They are given to us freely, with no strings attached and all we have to do is see them for the gifts they are.

Kitty rewarded me today.

She came to me and said, ‘Mom, can I have this box?’. I said ‘Yes.’

She set it on the table, got out her paints and spent the next two hours making a ‘Woodland Scene’. All of her own accord, letting her own creativity sing.

She searched in our draw of wooden bits and found trees to paint.

And toadstools.

And a river and grass and a gnome home.

She painted gnomes and fairies and even a little dog.

 She painted a campfire.

 And then she played with her creations for several happy hours.

Watching her create this intricate toy, starting with a cardboard box and finishing with a seriously beautiful handmade plaything, all on her very own, without a single suggestion from me, was a reward of great significance. I work so hard to let my children know that they are creative beings. They can make beautiful things, from nothing but what we already have and their own imaginations.  Watching Kitty believe in herself today was a beautiful thing.

I won a trophy today ;-)

How lucky we are to be who we are.

Blessings and magic,


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11 Responses

  1. What a joy! You know you are doing something right when your child can sit down and create something like that, and then proceed to actually play with it. You are a lucky mom!

  2. Thank you for reminding me! yes we are rewarded all the time. Sometimes I’m to ‘preoccupied’ to take notice!
    Kitty’s woodland scene is beautiful.

  3. How beautiful and creative! She must gain so much inspiration from her mother :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog today and Yes! feel free to link to the Sculpey Fairie Crafts. (I feel honored!) :)

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