I know I am not alone in thinking that handmade gifts are by far the best. All gifts are nice when they are given with love, of course, but to be honest, I’d rather receive a roughly sewn ‘kitchen towel’ with a red potato stamped heart on it (clearly made by a 7 year old) than a perfect store bought one. I’d rather get a mismatched wooden beaded necklace (clearly made by a 4 year old) than a diamond encrusted one… really, I would!So, with our tight budget this year, we have endeavored to make all of our Christmas gifts.

The ones we have been working on today are God’s Eyes. They are made from sticks picked up in the garden and yarn. God’s Eyes are a craft from the Huichol tribe of Mexico. We think they are just beautiful with their wonderful color and rich texture.

To make them, find two sticks the same length.

Tie them together with yarn to form a cross.

Tie your first yarn color to the stick close to the center of the cross. Loop it over a stick, pull to the next stick and loop over it in the same direction as the first loop… pull to the next stick and loop the same way again.

You will see a wonderful pattern start to develop.

When you feel like it’s time to change the color of your yarn, cut the one you have been using and tie the end to the beginning of your new color. Continue looping as before. You can stick to two matching colors, or add as many as you like.

When you come to the tops of the sticks, cut your yarn leaving a length for a hanging loop. Tie it onto the stick and your God’s Eye is ready to hang.

We have a few lovely God’s Eyes as ornaments on our tree.

But these two are going to my brother and sister in law. We chose colors that we knew would compliment their home and there’s nothing like a little handmade goodness to bring magic to any space.


Happy Christmas crafting,
Blessings and magic,

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  1. Great gift idea, my 6 year old makes these all the time. I love that you give them as gifts, next year we will have to do the same. I completely agree with handmade gifts, this year we made soap, hot cocoa mix, fudge and nature bags. We enjoyed every minute of making them.

  2. I also agree with you on homemade gifts. We made God’s eyes in co-op last month. We also weaved pieces of nature (pine needles, flowers, ect) that we collected in them when we were done. I have them hanging in my dining room since I love them so much.

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