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Learning Math with Gumnuts :: Second Grade

I love Waldorf education so! Kitty is in Second Grade. One day a week, her class has ‘outside school’. The children and their wonderful teachers start the day with a 20 minute walk to a local park. The rest of their school day is spent having their lessons under the sky, amongst the trees, squirrels and fresh air. On ‘outside school’ days, when I’m going about my business, I can’t help making a little detour past the park to get a glimpse of them. It warms my heart to see them playing freely as part of their Second Grade Curriculum.

Today, after ‘outside school’, Kitty and I had a little special time together at our local cafe. Over our hot chocolate, we talk about all kinds of lovely things. One of our threads of conversation went like this…

Me: I saw you playing under the big tree in the park today as I drove past.

Kitty: No Mom, we weren’t playing.

Me: Oh. What were you doing under the big tree then?

Kitty: We were collecting Gumnuts for our Math Lesson.

If I had learned Math with Gumnuts that I had collected, perhaps I wouldn’t be so scared of it today!

Blessings and magic,

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  1. That just sounds so magical :-) And I grew up reading about the gumnut babies, warmly Kelly

  2. Oh how I love snuugle pot and cuddlepie… I with you, gumnut counting would be far more satisfying.

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