What Santa Brought.

Meet the new additions to our family… Snowflake and Black Mane.

Kitty and Snowflake

 Teddy and Black Mane
Santa brought them. Oh my goodness, my children can’t believe how lucky they are… they are utterly in love. They have never seen such beautiful horses before! Nor have I! They can’t even decide whose is prettier; Snowflake with her snow white mane or Black Mane with his voluptuous dapples and white blaze? 
They groom their horses endlessly, and kiss them. They plait their manes. They put flowers in their hair.
They gallop them and make jumps in the garden from forgotten planks and gumboots.

They play ‘horse show’.

 Sometimes Black Mane gets frisky and bucks and Teddy nearly falls off.


Kitty and Teddy have discovered that their horses love the beach too.

 They love to gallop freely in the sand with the wind in their mane and they even don’t mind getting their feet wet.

The funny thing is that although our kids are clearly loving their horses, Daddy doesn’t know who is loving them more, them or me? It’s true… my heart brims over with joy as I watch their equestrian antics. And I remember so many hours spent just the same way. My childhood was pony-mad. I played all these pony games and more… day in and day out. My horse was a broomstick and a stuffed sock for a head and, you know, I loved him just as if he were a champion Arabian like Snowflake and Black Mane. And it’s true that it was me who built the first jumping course in our garden with Teddy and Kitty… and me who jumped the first round. And it was me who helped them make stables for them and gave them carrots to give as treats. And yes, it was also me who suggested they take them to the beach. But, although I admit to having a hand in this new horse love, their own imaginations are now driving their games. They have made rosettes and trophy’s. They have clipped hay. They have had foals, won races and bandaged injured legs. All that was needed was a little flame to ignite this world of fun… I am glad that I can sometimes be that flame for them.

Oh, the happiness a horse can bring.

For those of you who are wondering where Santa found these beautiful horses, I’m almost sure it mush have been MJM Ranch. Thank you to the little elf who made such treasured gifts.

Blessings and magic,


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4 Responses

  1. donni i think you should get or make yourself a hobby horse. let your inner child out, how much would your kids love to be riding around with mama? go on…

  2. Oh this bring back so many memories for me! I too had stick horses growing up and LOVED them. You can use your imagination, and my parents would make them so pretty! I can not think of a better toy for kids then a hand made wood stick horse to ride all day!

  3. I’m so happy to see your lovely children with my beautiful horses! And what great pictures! It’s wonderful to know that all the love I put into the horses is being given to them tenfold! Fabulous…

    MJM Ranch

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