Pretty White Yarn Dandelions

 Our lawn look so beautiful in the early morning sun. For some reason, it is full of dandelions! I know I should be ashamed of a lawn full of dandelions…  but how could one feel anything but pure joy when seeing the slanting rays of sunshine illuminating these pretty little puffs of magic? And then to see the children pick them like fairy children and blow their wishes into the crisp air… it’s truly a phenomenon!We have picked a few to bring their beauty inside but alas, they don’t last long in a vase. Kitty suggested we make our own… and so we did.

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I found this white yarn at my favorite yarn shop a little while ago… it’s a mohair blend and so wonderfully fluffy – I knew we’d be able to find the perfect project for it.

White yarn, cardboard, scissors and collected sticks is all you’ll need.

To make a pompom, cut some recycled cardboard into a circle. The circle must be roughly as big as you want your dandelions to be. Make a hole in the center of the cardboard circle and cut around the hole to make a small circle. Then cut a pie-shaped slit in the cardboard circle. This is your pompom maker.

To start, cut a length of yarn about 6 inches long. Set in on your cardboard pompom maker, sideways, crossing through the middle, like in this photo. This piece of yarn is gong to be covered by the pompom and is going to be used at the end to tie off your pompom.

Wind the yarn around the radius of the cardboard circle, using the slit to get into the middle each time. Around and around many, many times until your cardboard is totally fat with fluffy white yarn.

When the cardboard circle has been wound to capacity, find the piece of yarn you placed lenghtwise at the beginning, pull it tight and tie it into a knot.

Now, insert your scissors into the yarn pompom and cut around the circumference of your pompom, freeing the yarn from the cardboard.

Your pompom might be a perfect circle, but sometimes it’s not. I hold my pompom over the trash and trim it into a perfect circle with my scissors.

Then we searched our garden for some wonderfully rustic looking sticks and stuck them into our pompoms with our hot glue gun… Voila!!! Super sweet dandelions that will keep in a vase forever ;-)

They are very pretty on our dining room table.

Blessings and magic,


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11 Responses

  1. Ohhhh Love these!!!!! I really do have to admit that I love danilions too! They are just too sweet and magical! (Although once the puffs are gone they do look a little sad). Thanks for sharing how to do this! I am pinning now!

  2. They are so lovely! I have been meaning for some time to make some pompom flowers, but I still haven’t gotten around to it.

    Yours look oh-so-sweet in their pretty vase!

  3. P.S. We also have dandelions all through our yard in the summer. And I think they’re beautiful, too. :) I do pull them, because I still want grass, hehe, but I know I won’t get them all and I don’t bother about it.

    I would SO rather have my kids running through dandelions than weed poison. And they have so much fun with them!

  4. great to combine with Earth Day awareness….oh yeah and dandylion fritters! Kids love to help gather them in the yard. wash them then dip them in the batter , parents/teachers should fry them up, (put them on a peper bag to get rid of excess oil) dust them with some confectioners sugar….YUMMY!!!!!

  5. I’ve decided not to moan about the energy windmills that dot our landscape but to imagine they are a lawn full of dandelions. And they have become beautiful.

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