Today, Donna Ashton is here to revisit the importance of rhythm in our days.

Why is Rhythm so Important?
 by Donna Ashton of The Waldorf Connection

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm. You see this word everywhere, right?

In my opinion, it is the foundation of our days and “the” secret
to having a happy, smooth running household.  If you are homeschooling

it is a must or you will quickly discover the consequences of
what the “lack of rhythm” means.
There are so many benefits to having a solid rhythm!
Rhythm affects your children as much as you, so
it is well worth the time and effort to get this foundation set up.
*Good Rhythm Supports Mom*
Frees Your Energy-If you find you are spending all your time wondering what
is coming up next in your day.  Or just trying to stay one step
ahead of your children when they ask “Mom, what’s for lunch?”
Having a daily rhythm will free up your energy.
Having a plan already in place will allow you to concentrate
on what is happening in the moment  instead of rushing around
wondering what you are forgetting.
Less Stress– Knowing you have it together gives you piece of mind, less
stress and a chance to breathe. Everything won’t always be perfect, but with
a plan to start with there is a much better chance!
Less Discipline Issues-  Good rhythm becomes a predictable routine of
rituals and habits, therefore side-stepping many discipline issues that can arise.
It becomes “just the way we do it” which leads to much less questions and arguments.
A real benefit indeed!
More fun Sprinkled in: Once your basic pieces of the day are mapped out, you
will find opportunities to add some fun!  Use your precious time for activities you
love because you know the rest is taken care of.
*Good Rhythm Supports the Child*
They know someone else is “in charge”- When there is indecision in the household,
some children feel they have to step up into a leadership role.  This is stressful on the child

and obviously will cause friction with the parent.

Consistency- Good rhythm creates a predictable, consistent flow that children crave.
Remember that bedtime story they asked you read 30 times? Kids like to know what’s coming next.
And it is vital to their development and knowing where they stand in the world.
Less Choices- Children can be overwhelmed by breakfast with questions and choices if
we are not careful.  Red shirt or blue? Pancakes or Waffles? Coloring or painting?
When rhythm is in place, choices decrease and so does all that stress on your child.
Let them Play– Playing is your child’s main job in these younger years.  Having a solid
rhythm in place will guide them joyfully through their day instead of having a hodge-podge.
They will be free to create, learn and grow without the hindrance of a chaotic environment.
Thank you, Donna. I totally agree that a well planned rhythm makes our days so much more calm and peaceful. And, wow, you are so brave to post that first photo of the messy room! Have I seen rooms like that, lol!! At first I thought I was looking at a photo of Kitty’s room today!
Friends, please pop over to Donna’s website, The Waldorf Connection. There is so much useful information and advice for homeschooling families and families who have brought Waldorf into their homes. Her blog is wonderful and her homeschooling curriculum has helped so many families find their way.
Please visit the Discovering Waldorf Page to read the other article in this series. 
Blessings and magic, 


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  1. Yes, I find that as important as rhythm is to supporting and nurturing my children, it is REALLY important for me! As a homeschooling mother there are so many tasks I’m juggling and an infinite possibility of wonderful ways to spend our days, and a rhythm keeps me grounded.

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