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Pretty Colored Easter Eggs

 Yay for all the Easter crafts! Easter is only about a month away (gasp!) We always make the mistake of getting into Easter crafting too late and then, blink, it’s over and there’s no reason to blow eggs, paint eggs, dye eggs, crack eggs…Not this year… we are already well into our Easter crafting and our home is starting to get filled up with our pretty Easter treasures.

This weekend, we blew out a heap of white eggs so that we could have eggs available for decorating whenever the need arose. Here is a tutorial on how we blow the yolk out of our eggs. And, here is a crepe recipe so that you can use your crafting byproducts to make a yummy dinner :-)

Kitty (for keeping her room tidy all of February with only minor nagging from me) got a new set of watercolor pens and painting our eggs was her first choice. Oh my… how lovely and bright they have turned out…

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We like to start with white eggs as our results are always so much more vivid but brown eggs will look lovely too.

First, we used a black permanent marker to draw pretty patterns onto our eggs.

The trick is to hold your egg between your forefinger and thumb so that you don’t smudge what you have just drawn.

Once we had drawn our shapes with the black permanent marker, we colored them in with our pretty colored pens.

Teddy used colored permanent markers to decorate his egg as the ink dries faster and he ‘didn’t feel like’ being patient or careful with the watercolor pens (to Kitty’s relief, who is feeling very overprotective of her new gifts).

The colored permanent markers look wonderfully bright and vivid on our white eggs. Teddy went for the minimalist look.

Voila… our bright and colorful Easter eggs! Mine, Teddy’s and Kitty’s with the butterfly. They sit on our nature table but we think we might string them to hang and make our Manzaneta tree in to an Easter tree.

Tune in for lots more Easter crafting in the coming weeks :-)

Here’s a link to the other Easter goodies we have made.

I’d love to see what you have been up to – leave a link in the comment section.

Blessings and magic,

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  1. They came out looking wonderful. I will have to try to make these. Thanks

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