Your fairies will LOVE a tire swing in their Fairy Garden.
In our fairy garden, the swing hangs over the pond and sometimes, if the garden is very quiet, we can almost hear the whoops and squeals of joy from the fairy children as they swing in the sunshine.



Materials :

  • a tire from a toy car.
  • a needle and hemp string.


Method :


We used a tire from one of Teddy’s old cars. It had already lost one tire a while back and so it was happy to donate another tire to our project.



Kitty thread hemp string through a large needle. We tied a knot on one end of the string and poked it through the tough rubber of the tire.


We pulled the string through the tire until the knot held it tight and trimmed the excess hemp from the knot.

Kitty tied the other end of the string to a branch that hangs over the pond in her fairy garden.



Isn’t it sweet… it definitely adds a bit of fun to Kitty’s magical place.

Please visit the Fairy Garden Page at the top of my blog and be sure to enter your own Fairy Garden in the Fairy Garden Contest.

Blessings and magic,

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