Welcome to this years Fairy Garden Series on The Magic Onions.

Yay for Spring… it’s Fairy Garden time of year again. Kitty, Teddy and I spent our weekend making our new Fairy Garden. A Good Man took us early on Saturday morning to our local swap meet to look for a trunk to plant our garden in. We found the most wonderful old treasure chest instead… just perfect for the magic we had planned. We spent the whole day making our magical garden… a day of fun, laughter and tradition.

A mossy wonderland, filled with tiny fairy treasures… a rusty old arbor decorated with daisies.

A white wicker bench were fairies can sit to enjoy the moonshine on their faces.

A pond with waterlilies floating in it. And of course, for those wild fairy boys, a tire swing.

And a stone well into which fairies can cast their spells.

And, would you know… as soon as we were done, we settled quietly to wait in the shade of the Plumbago… fairies came.

And tiny birds built nests in the honeysuckle tree.

And gnomes came too!

We planted a miniature land of enchantment in an old pirate treasure chest and have already enjoyed many hours of magic in this kingdom where imagination and creativity shine brightly from the faces of my lucky children.

Welcome, Friends, to this year’s Fairy Garden Series on The Magic Onions. We will be sharing all sorts of fun Fairy Garden magic and, of course, we will be hosting the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest. Be sure NOT to miss a thing :-). Like my Facebook Page ( http://www.facebook.com/MagicOnions ) to keep updated on all that’s going on and add your email address in the space provided in the left sidebar to have all the Fairy Garden posts send directly to your email.

Happy Fairy Gardening!

Blessings and magic,


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12 Responses

  1. So beautiful! You have totally inspired me to want to make one of these…..its def going on the weekend to do list! Start fairy garden! :)

  2. I am so inspired by your fairy garden. I need to start looking for something we can use as we are trying to sell our house and we’ll want to take it with us.

  3. Amazing! Wanted to ask where I got the fairies and gnomes and the little pails and shovels? What did I use for the tire swing?

  4. I love your fairy garden, can you tell me where you bought the fairies for it from? We are heading back to Africa soon and I think it will be fun to build my boys (ages 2 and 4) a fairy garden there but I should probably take fairies with me from here (Canada). Would love your feedback, thanks

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