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Candy Apple Party Treats

We had Teddy’s 5th Birthday Party on Sunday with all of his school friends. Having 20 five-year-old’s running madly about the house was great fun!

As his special birthday treat, he requested candy apples.

Aren’t these just the cutest little party treats ever…

Making them was super easy too. I cut 25 sticks (each about 5 inches long) from the apple tree next door.

We washed and dried 25 small apples.

Then we inserted a stick into the tops of each apple by pushing it in firmly until it felt stuck.

To make the candy coating I used:

2 cups brown sugar
1 cup light corn syrup
1/2 cup hot water
Just a little red food coloring

I needed a food thermometer.

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and spray it lightly with cooking oil.

Combine the water, corn syrup and sugar in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Stir until the sugar dissolves, then continue to cook, without stirring, until the mixture reaches 250 degrees F. Watch closely as you don’t want the foamy mixture to bubble over your pot – it’s such a mess to clean up burnt sugar!

When the candy reaches 250 degrees F, add a few drops of food coloring and stir. Continue to cook, until it reaches 285 degrees F.
Remove from the heat and stir the candy so that it is smooth and even. Hold an apple by the stick and dip it into the candy, tilting the pan at an angle and rotating the apple to cover it completely with a smooth, even layer. Bring it out and twirl it to let the candy set evenly, then set it on the prepared wax paber.

Let your candy apples cool at room temperature. They are best if they are eaten within 24 hours.

I’m happy to say they were a huge hit. I found my little monkey, long after the last guests had left, squatting on the outside table, having a quiet moment as he ate the left over candy apples.

He thinks it’s great fun being 5!

Blessings and magic,

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  1. So cute and looks super easy, would be great for a party :)

  2. super cute! Happy Birthday big boy.

  3. Perfect timing we are planning a non-disney snow white party for my little girl, and these would make great poison apples!

  4. Thank you for linking this up to katie’s language cafe’s friday recipe link up. it was one of the featured link up’s of our first week! Blessings to you! ~~katie

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