Do Your Fairies Need A Ladder? :: Fairy Garden 2012 - The Magic Onions

Do Your Fairies Need A Ladder? :: Fairy Garden 2012

Does your Fairy Garden need a ladder? Ours did!

We had a great happening this weekend in the Fairy Garden. Do you remember the mail box that we made for our Fairy Garden ~ Snail Mail (click on the link to see our snail mail mailbox)? Well, on Saturday morning, Kitty went out to play in her Fairy Garden and came rushing back inside all agog with excitement! In her hand was a teeny-tiny letter…
“It was in the mailbox!” she exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with wonder… “What does it say? What does it say?”

I carefully opened the small folded piece of paper and, in VERY small handwriting (that looked remarkably like A Good Mans, only MUCH smaller) was a little note. It said :

We are tired of flying to the top of the tree
To pick the apples that we see
We ask for a ladder to rest our wings
To keep them for magic and spells and things. 

 ‘The Fairies want a ladder! To pick apples!’ Teddy surmised.

(to see how we made these sweet little apples and other miniature fruit and veggies, visit this post)

S0, this is how we made a ladder for our Fairies…

All we needed was a pair of straight (ish) sticks, a couple of ice-cream sticks, my garden scissors and my trusty old glue gun.

We cut the two long sticks to the same length using my garden scissors. Then, we cut the ice-cream sticks to make the slats of the ladder.

Using my hot glue gun, we stuck the slats onto the ladder uprights.

Here is our finished ladder… isn’t it sweet!

And, in other news… do you remember the small yellow mushrooms that magically appeared the other day (you can see them in these photos). Well… they exploded into BEAUTIFUL, magical things! See…!

Kitty noted how they formed a circle. I told her that magic mushroom circles often appear for a Fairy Ball. ‘Yes, yes!’… she agreed… ‘those two big ones together must be the throne for the Fairy King and Queen!’ ‘And, that little cluster over there must be for the fairy band!’ ‘And, the others must be seating for fairies when they get tired of all the twirling!’.

Yes, Kitty, you have it all right! (and rest assured, as I don’t know what kinds of mushrooms these are, my children were not to touch them… we wouldn’t want to break the fairies things and they might be poisonous!)

If you have a Fairy Garden too, please enter it into the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest so that we can all share in the fun you are having. Also, check out all the super amazing gardens already entered.

Here are the awesome contest PRIZES!

And, if you’d like a little inspiration on how we put our Fairy Garden together, here a link to our recent post ‘How To Make A Fairy Garden‘.

For more Fairy Garden fun, check out our Fairy Garden Page at the top of the blog.

Happy Fairy Gardening!
Blessings and magic,

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  1. So inspiring and enchanting. We just started putting our fairy garden up and I hope to have so much fun with it this summer.

  2. So beautiful! I love the mushrooms appearing! How fun is that! The ladder is awesome, we’ll be needing one of those once we finish our fairy house.


  3. we just added a fort at the top of our ladder this weekend. we’ll blog about it on fairy friday :)

    those mushrooms are great!

  4. I absolutely love this! We may need to work on one ourselves!

  5. How magical to have mushrooms appear in your fairy garden!
    Our fairy garden is in a pot so a ladder up to the pot is one of the ideas that is still to come.
    We are still a work in progress but it’s been great fun so far!
    ~ joey ~

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