Prizes for the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest

I’m besides myself with excitement to unveil the prizes for the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest. Oh my, my friends… you and your little ones are going to whoop with joy when you see all the beautiful handmade treasures you might win if you enter our contest. There are going to be many lucky winners… we sure are going to have lots of happy people this year! Please click on the links for each prize to see more info for each of the generous artists… and please remember their shops when you need that little extra-special something.

Here’s a link to the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest Page. We already have lots of joyful Fairy Gardens entered, so be sure click on each one to see it’s magic! And, be sure to enter your own!

I’m accepting Fairy Garden entries through August 1st 2012.

 So, without further ado… here are the prizes, in no particular order:

Two prizes come from Living Crafts Magazine  –

          *  a TWO year subscription to Living Crafts Magazine.
          * a ONE year subscription to Living Crafts Magazine.

How generous… thank you Living Crafts! For those of you who don’t know Living Crafts Magazine, you are in for a treat! I look forward to each issue with GREAT anticipation. It’s a truly magical publication.

From Willodel, a magical wooden Fairy Home… have you ever seen anything quite as amazing!
It has a tiny little mail box and curvy sprite door. It’s made from natural Aspen wood and has cedar for the roof. The wood was hand gathered from wind fallen trees and has been sealed with beeswax and natural oils. Can you see your little one playing with this treasure in his Fairy Garden and the imagination it will spark?

 From one of my Magic Sponsors, Armadillo Dreams… a set of FIVE wooden handmade fairies, each one painted a pretty color so that your little one’s Fairy Garden will be a rainbow of joy! They are handmade from poplar wood, painted with non-toxic watercolor paint and sealed with beeswax. Five fairy friends for a lucky Fairy Gardener.

From MudHollow, you get to choose three of the sweetest little woodland animals you can ever imagine… look at them all singing around this campfire… raccoons, beavers, bears, bunnies, mice, owls, oh my… I’m having a cuteness attack! They have been hand-stitched from felt and wool and come filled with lots of love to give a lucky winner.

 From Mosey Handmade,  this sweet forest playset comes with a tiny wooden wheelbarrow, toadstools, a bird, 2 trees made from wool felt and wood and a large stand to put them on. My 5 year-old would spend ages in his Fairy Garden planting the trees, harvesting the toadstools in the little wheelbarrow and carting them off to market. What a sweet addition to any Fairy Garden.

From Driaa, this magical Oak Fairy, handmade in the Waldorf doll tradition of natural materials.
This darling Oak Child is past of a collection of flower and tree inspired dolls and will inspire many wonderful fairy and gnome games. He comes all the way from Israel and is sure to become a favorite friend!

 From Ziezo Designs comes a magical set of Butterfly Wings. Made from pure silk that moves gracefully with the airflow when your child “flies” through the air. The silk is hand dyed in non-toxic professional grade dye. The wings are embellished with a blue satin ribbon on the back, creating the illusion of the butterfly’s body. Elastic shoulder- and wristbands make it comfortable and easy for children to dress and undress themselves. These wings bring hours of silken play.

Sara, from Woolies, will knit your little one an Earth Pony of your choice. Any of these little beauties could live in your home. Each Earth Pony is hand knit from 100% wool yarn and is stuffed with clean, carded wool so is super soft and squishy. He has a wonderful long mane and tail. What an adorable prize for you little Fairy Gardener.

 From This Cosy Life comes Mama Blossom who lovingly carries her petal baby in a snug little sling pouch as she makes her Spring rounds, bringing colorful petals to all the flowers in the Fairy Garden. Petal babies get very tired and their sweet mama puts them to bed in a leaf cradle. Aren’t they just the sweetest! This playset is made from wood with clothes and leaf lovingly hand-knitted from the softest wool.

From another of my Magic Sponsors, The Enchanted Cupboard, comes a custom set of Fairy Garden furniture, built specially by Beccijo for a lucky winner. This handmade wooden playset will be sealed with a Non-Toxic outdoor finish, perfect for Fairy Garden play.

From Beneath The Rowan Tree, the Wind Runner… this toy is a dream come true with the beauty of wood and a generous helping of shimmering, sailing silk.
It has three playsilks, folded and safely knotted to form 6 flowing tails (each 8″ wide, 36″ long), Wind Runners™ are safe for the under 3 crowd (and can double as a teether). Another heirloom toy, made for play ~ made to last.

From Mama West Wind comes this gorgeously magical Tulip Fairy. She will lovingly help your little one tend to her fairy garden. Snails, slugs & weeds beware, Mrs. Tulip & her gardening magic stand guard. She is one of a kind, handmade to be played with or kept on your Waldorf nature table or to use in storytelling. She is made using quality materials including upcycled felted wool, wooden peg dolls, wool stuffing, glue and thread. She so excited to meet her new friend.

 From Nobby Organics, this sweet organic cotton pillow sham. Won’t your little boy be super excited to lay his head on his new pillow and dream of cars and trucks.

The magical Marie of Soft Earth Art has made this needle felted Garden Fairy Wreath especially for a lucky winner of this contest. She is made from the softest wool and has gossamer wings to enchant all who see her. What a treasure she is. She comes all the way from New Zealand to bring her magical beauty to one lucky winner.

From Super Skivvies, any pair of super cute cloth training pants… aren’t these just adorable… oooo, I want a pair with dear little deers for myself! The winner gets to choose the size and print that’s just right for this particular little Fairy Gardener.

From Birchleaf Designs, silk trees and rivers, a set of 4 gorgeous woodland silks for imaginative play. Perfect for making scenery for your nature table, doll house, or forest scene! Making little trees and rivers is so much fun and you can add rocks or other items from nature to complete the scene. Play Silks have endless uses! Use them as capes, costumes, doll slings, flags, blankets, curtains, lamp shades, bug nets, walls for forts, rivers and forests for pretend play – yes, the list is literally endless!

And last but definitely NOT least, comes this little Nasturtium Fairy from Alkelda Dolls. She brings friendship, love and quiet inspiration. She is delightfully itty-bitty and stands a little over 2 inch tall. She is made of wool felt with double-thickness wings securely sewed to the back of the lined, embroidered cape. Your little Fairy Gardener will be enchanted with the beauty and mindetail.

 You see, my friends, I wasn’t exaggerating when I said you were in for a treat!! There will be lots lucky winners. Thank you to all the artists who have teamed up with me to make the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest such a magical experience. Get out those tiny shovels and pails and get down in the Fairy Garden, peeps!

Here is a link to the Fairy Garden Contest page for more information on how to enter. And here is a link to my Fairy Garden Page to see the beautiful fairy gardens from last year and the fun we have been having in our own Fairy Gardens.

Happy Fairy Gardening,
Blessings and magic,


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7 Responses

  1. All of these prizes are just beautiful, you have many creative friends! ;o) Your fairy gardens have been such a big inspiration to us, thank you for hosting this contest!
    ~ joey ~

  2. We’ve started collecting things for the Fairy Garden last week and are almost ready to start our Dutch fairy adventures. I hope the rain won’t show itself this weekend so we can get busy. Let’s see where I can sign up.

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