Apparently, Fairies prefer snail mail. So, Kitty and I made the sweetest little mailbox for her Fairy Garden using a snails shell. And look… they’ve already received a letter!

It was easy to make… all we needed was a permanent marker, a shell, a small piece of ice-cream stick and a small straight stick. And, of course, a hot glue gun.

We first wrote ‘MAIL’ on the small piece of ice-cream stick. Then we stuck the stick in place using my hot glue gun.

We stuck the ‘MAIL’ sign to the shell and there you have it… the cutest little snail mail box you’ll ever see!

It went straight into the Fairy Garden and Kitty has been writing her fairies little notes all day.

Another addition to our Fairy Garden is a pretty bunting on the arbor… Kitty cut out triangles of colored card and stuck them to some string using sticky tape… all her own sweet design :-)

While Kitty’s creativity flows from our Fairy Garden, Teddy is just discovering it’s imaginative possibilities. I find him outside, playing in it on his own, more and more. It’s taken a little while for him to find his Fairy Garden imagination but his fairy and gnome ideas are gaining momentum and he is staying in this magical space for longer and longer.

Today is Teddy’s 5th Birthday. He is a May Day baby… an honor to be sure! It seems like yesterday that I held the little bundle that was to become my Teddy, tight in my arms and wondered at the miracle of new life. Each year I feel my love must surely be full to capacity, that I couldn’t possibly love this boy more than I do right now… but then the next year dawns and I realize that yesterday’s capacity is dwarfed by the love I feel today. It is a privilege to be a mother.

For more of our Fairy Garden ideas, please have a look at the Fairy Garden Page at the top of my blog. Here is a link to how we made our Fairy Garden. Here is a link to the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest… be sure to enter.

Blessings and magic,

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  1. This is too precious! You gotta love this snail mailbox. We’re getting ready to make our own fairy garden this year now that Spring is finally settling in. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful inspirations.

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