Here’s a little peek at some of the magical Fairy Gardens entered in the Fairy Garden Contest. To see more and find out how to enter, visit the Fairy Garden Contest Page.

Look at this enchanting space created by Egg Juice with Pepperoni

And don’t you just love the natural look of this Fairy Garden… I definitely think gnomes live there!

And look at this beautiful Fairy Garden… the stick bench, the shell table and chairs… all the little things – enchanting!

I loved seeing this child playing in her  Fairy Garden as I know the magic she is feeling… I’ve seen it sparkling from the eyes of my own children :-)

Feeling inspired yet? Make your own Fairy Garden with your children and enter it into our Fairy Garden Contest.
And, if you were wondering… here are the totally amazing prizes that can be won.
Happy Fairy Gardening, 
Blessings and magic, 

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