Dinosaur Planter For Dad :: A Handmade Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day fast approaching, Teddy and I made our Good Man a cute Father’s Day Gift. It’s important to me that my children grow up knowing that the things they make with their own hands are the most precious things of all.We thought of many things our dad would love but it was when we suggested a dinosaur planter for Dad’s desk that Teddy became really excited… so, this is what we made.

Chances are you have hundreds of old dinosaurs lying around. To be totally honest (photo’s don’t lie), Teddy was rather reluctant to offer up one of his dinosaurs for our craft. It took a great deal of coaxing and sweet talking to get him to agree… but, at last, he chose a large dinosaur that was somewhat soft and rubbery.

And then we performed a little surgery on him with a sharp box cutter.

Making a nice round hole in his hollow body.

Now for the fun part… we used silver spray-paint to spray him silver!

Even I started to like him now that he became a gorgeous shiny silver!

Once the silver spray-paint had fully dried, we filled his body with moist soil.

Teddy planted a nice big succulent plant in the soil of his dino. We chose a succulent as we know how busy A Good Man gets and we have a fair suspicion that his dino plant will receive sparse waterings… no worries, succulents thrive with a little neglect :-)

He watered his dino plant to clean it off.

And was VERY proud of the gift he has made for his dad. In fact, he is going to give it to Dad but ask him if his dino planter can live in Teddy’s room.

Have you been crafting sweet gifts for Father’s Day? Link to them in the comment section so that we all can see.

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9 Responses

  1. I absolutely love this idea, but can you change “if you have a boy” to “if you have a child”? My daughter (and plenty of other girls) is dinosaur-obsessed but if she could read this she would think it was a gift only boys can give to their dads. It’s hard enough convincing her that it’s okay for her to choose the Finding Nemo bedsheets instead of the princess ones!

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