Fairy Furniture – A Stick Chair for your Fairy Garden

Our Fairy Garden (click the link to see it) needed a chair. Amazing… a few sticks, a hot glue gun and, Voila!!

To make our cute little stick chair, we needed some straight sticks that Teddy found in the garden, a popsicle stick (from Kitty’s last popsicle), garden scissors and a hot glue gun (you could use super glue instead). We use a hot glue gun for making our Fairy Garden furniture as Kitty does most of the work and I am happy with her using my hot glue gun but reluctant to let her use super glue yet (she’s only 8). Our furniture is delicate and we make sure to remove it from our garden when we water it as we know that glue from our hot glue gun isn’t waterproof. Super glue sticks the components together better, and, while the furniture is still delicate, it’s just a little less prone to breaking. Both work well.

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We start by cutting our sticks to length. We needed – everything is cut by eye and only vaguely approximate – fairy furniture is RUSTIC  and does not have to be perfect… in fact, the more wonky it is, the more character it has :-)

* 2 sticks, 4 inches long – these will be the back legs and back of the chair.
* 4 sticks, 1.5 inches long – these will be the seat sticks.
* 2 sticks, 1.5 inches long – these will be the front legs
* 2 sticks, 1.5 inches long – these will be the cross bars on the back of the chair.
* 2 popsicle bits, 1 inch long – these will be used to hold the seat sticks together under the chair.

This next photo shows that we use a nice big blob of glue.

Start by lining the two popsicle bits side by side.  Put a nice thick blob of glue onto them and stick the 4, 1.5 inch sticks for the seat onto them, lengthways.

This setup will hold the seat sticks in place under the chair.

Once your seat is dry and stuck fast, stick it to the two tall 4 inch sticks, about 1.5 inches from the bottom of the long sticks… you have now stuck the seat onto the chair back, creating the back legs of the chair and the chair back uprights.

Now stick the last 1.5 inch sticks to the underside of the front of the chair seat for the front legs of the chair.

Last comes the two cross bars of the chair back.

Voila! You have made an adorable little chair for your Fairy Garden.

I bet your fairies will be be delighted!

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I hope I’ve inspired you to make a Fairy Garden with your own little ones and enter it into our Fairy Garden Contest. Not only is it incredibly fun to make a miniature garden like this, but there are such AWESOME prizes to be won.

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Happy Fairy Gardening,
Blessings and magic,

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