Kitty made her fairies another gift this weekend… a beautiful four-poster bed with a canopy of white lace… what could be more romantic?

She started with a large, white clam shell. I found a stack of about 20 of these lovely shells at a garage sale a while back and thought how lovely they would be for serving shrimp cocktail appetizers at a dinner party… needless to say, they have sat, unused, in my kitchen cupboards for years. I pledge to all who are present that I will have a fancy dinner party and use the remaining 19 clam shells by the end of the year!

But, I digress.

Kitty found four same-sized stones to use as her clam-shell beds’ legs.

She has graduated into the next level of crafting fun and now uses the hot glue gun all on her own. She glued the stone legs onto the underside of her shell.

Then, she found four sticks in the garden and cut them the same length with garden scissors and stuck them firmly into the moss around her shell bed.

She discovered a length of lace I had been keeping for an unidentified project (also for an unidentified number of years) in the sewing draw and how could I refuse her when I didn’t know why I was keeping it and she had such a clear and precise idea of what she needed it for?

She cut it to length and placed it over the four bed posts.

Oh, how pretty it looks, fluttering in the breeze. What a lucky fairy who will curl up upon the smooth, cool shell and sleep under the stars and the white lacy canopy.

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Happy Fairy Gardening!
Blessings and magic,

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