You’d think we were all done making Fairy Gardens… you’d be wrong! We just can’t get enough of them!Here is our Succulent Fairy Garden… it might just be my favorite yet! It lives indoors and requires very little care which is just perfect as we head into the Autumn and Winter months.

We started with a medium sized pot that has good drainage. Succulents do not do well in waterlogged soil, so it is particularly important to make sure that your fairy garden will drain well. Teddy filled the pot up to about half way with large pebbles. These pebbles will also help your garden drain off any excess water. Kitty found an old branch in our yard to use as a tree and we wiggled it into the rocks so that it stood upright and sturdy.

Kitty layered soil on top of the pebbles and we planted our succulents. There are so many wonderful varieties of succulents available and you and your children can have fun choosing the different shades and textures for your garden… some are smooth, some prickly… some yellow, orange, pink, green… some angular, some spiky… let your fairy imaginations run wild!

Once the succulent plants are in place, use small pea pebbles to cover the top of your garden. You can find pea pebbles at most garden shops but I have found that there is a larger selection of shades for a better price at pet stores… they are used to line fish and reptile tanks.

Let your child water your garden, sparingly, and the decorating can begin! We made a miniature chair out of sticks.

And Kitty put together a banner out of string and pretty paper.

We made a tiny fairy pot plant in a thimble.

We found a cocktail umbrella and added a miniature shovel. Teddy thought the fairies needed a magic fairy ball and decided a clear marble would be just the thing.

A sweet birds nest in the tree to top it all off and…

Our miniature fairy garden was complete.

Our succulent Fairy Garden has brought wonderful fairy stories into our home… it is so magical and we are sure the fairies visit it at night when we are sleeping.

As our Fairy Garden Contest draws to a close, we have renewed excitement looking through all of the gorgeous gardens you guys have made. If you still haven’t entered, there are still a few days to do so as the contest closes on August 1st. For more info, visit our Fairy Garden Page that is packed full of many Fairy Garden ideas and tutorials, as well as a detailed tutorial on how to make a larger, outdoor, Fairy Garden.

Happy Fairy Gardening,
Blessings and magic,


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  1. if you are doing a large succulent garden, I recommend using packing peanuts instead of pebbles on the bottom. if you ever need to move your garden, this will make it possible without a backhoe.

  2. My daughter made a succulent fairy garden pot for Mother’s Day! I’m guessing that these plants need lots of direct sunlight? And how much water? I’d love to have it outside for the summer, but I worry about too much rain (yes, there are drain holes on the bottom. Advice please?

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