Here are some more delightful photos from one of our Fairy Garden Winners, Three Sisters.Look at the sweet little rose-twig well and the miniature white picket fence. And the row of Statice pot plants in the moss. But, what we love the most, are the stick and acorn streetlights!!

And the little fairy washing line, with tiny wooden pegs and sweet fairy-sized washing, drying in the crisp morning breeze.

Magical, isn’t it!

Three Sisters won a one year subscription to one of my favorite magazines, Living Crafts.

Here is a link to see the other winners of the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest.
And here is a link to the Fairy Garden Page where you can find lots of Fairy Garden inspiration.

Blessing and magic,

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  1. I want to get your newsletter! I signed up but it asks for me to add your email to my address book …. I can’t find your email address to do this. I am so excited about finding you, wish I had found you a month earlier to enter the contest for the
    garden … would it be OK if I send a photo when I finish it, even tho the contest is over?

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