Here are the winners of the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest. I know I’m a little late with this announcement but can you imagine how difficult it has been for me to pick just a few? We’ve had a huge number of gardens enter this year… 121 Fairy Gardens entered on my blog Contest page and another 32 on Facebook and through emails. And each one is remarkable and unique. You have brought my children and me, and all of those who have tuned in daily to see your gardens, so much joy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations with us.

Here is a link to the 2012 Fairy Garden Contest Page where you will find links to see all the Fairy Gardens and you can see the Facebook entries under ‘photos’ on my Facebook Page

So, without further ado, here are the winners…

This wonderfully creative garden from Our Broken Road.  You have to visit the blog post to see all of the magical goodies in this garden. What a wonderfully imaginative place!

Prize :: from Living Crafts Magazine  –  a TWO year subscription.

 From Trio Of Sisters, this darling Fairy Garden… we adore all the little nature bits and how pretty everything looks.

Prize :: from Living Crafts Magazine  –  a ONE year subscription.

From TsuruHuis, this magical Fairyland… we totally love seeing these children at play in their pretty garden.

Prize :: from Willodel, a magical wooden Fairy Home.

From Intentional Girl, this still remains one of my most favorite Fairy Garden photos EVER!

 Prize :: from Armadillo Dreams… a set of FIVE wooden handmade fairies.

From Quiet Domesticity, this charmingly colorful Fairy Garden…

Prize :: from MudHollow,  your choice of three of the sweetest little woodland animals.

From Fairy Dust Teaching , we really, really love your magical Fairy Tree… it makes even the little Fairy Gardeners look like fairies…

Prize :: from Mosey Handmade,  a sweet forest playset.

From a Facebook friend, Jamie, this delightful Fairy Garden.

Prize :: From Driaa, this magical Oak Fairy

From Marsha’s Garden, this amazing Fairy Village…

 Prize :: from Ziezo Designs, a magical set of silk Butterfly Wings.

From Simple Joyful Living, this delightful woodland Fairy Garden Party…

Prize :: from Woolies,  a hand-knitted Earth Pony of your choice.

From Geek In Glasses, this charming outdoor Fairy Garden nestled around a huge tree trunk…

Prize :: from This Cosy Life, Mama Blossom peg doll.

From  Squinks comes this enchanting jungle Fairy Garden…

Prize :: from The Enchanted Cupboard, a custom set of Fairy Garden furniture.

Passengers On A Spaceship, this beautiful May Day Fairy Garden..

Prize :: from Beneath The Rowan Tree, the Wind Runner.

From Experimenting Mom, this super artistic Fairy Garden…

Prize :: from Mama West Wind, a magical Tulip Fairy

From another Face Book entry, Magical Land, comes this wonderful video footage of an amazingly detailed Fairy Garden…

Prize :: from Nobby Organics, this sweet organic cotton pillow sham.

From A Little Fur in the Paint, this beautifully crafted Fairy Garden complete with a Pine Cone home…

Prize :: from Soft Earth Art, this needle felted Garden Fairy Wreath

From Mom’s Crafty Place, this lovely classic Fairy Garden…

Prize, from one of my Magic Sponsors, Super Skivvies, any pair of super cute cloth training pants.

From Wild and Free Mama, this psychedelic garden…

 Prize ::  from Birchleaf Designs, silk trees and rivers, a set of 4 gorgeous woodland silks.

And last but definitely NOT least, from A Cup Of Tea With Me, this pretty little garden…

Prize :: a  Fairy from Alkelda Dolls, similar in style to this little orange fairy.

Congrats, Fairy Gardeners!!!!

Oh my… how difficult it was to choose these few from all of the other beautiful gardens. All of us who made a Fairy Garden this year, are winners!!

Here is a link to the Fairy Garden Page for all the Fairy Garden fun we’ve had in the past.

We already look forward to next year when the 2013 Fairy Garden season begins :-)

Blessings and magic,


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24 Responses

  1. Thanks for running such a fun event on your blog. It was a joy to see everyone’s fairy creations. I have to say the Trio of Sister’s fairy garden was just adorable! Well, they all were. :o)

  2. Congratulations to all the winners, your gardens are beautiful!! I’m thrilled to be among them, and so very happy about my prize! I couldn’t have picked a more perfect one, I
    love the Akelda Dolls, and have long admired them on Flickr! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  3. My children and I are soooooo thankful that you chose our faerie garden as one of the winners…… thank you thank you thank you! {happy tears!} ♥♥♥ There are so so many beautiful gorgeous and stunning fairy gardens……. each and every one is a ‘winner’ ♥

  4. I could just cry! We are so excited, honored and overjoyed to be included in such an amazing group of fairy gardens!! REally, I am so flattered to win!! My kids are so excited!! My subscription to LivingCraft was about to run out… couldn’t be more perfect timing!!!! THANKYOU!!!

    I would love to donate something for next year… how early do you start collecting?! :)

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I certainly didn’t expect to win anything among all the amazing entries – there were SO many lovely gardens this year! I agree with the above post, each one of these gardens were a ‘winner,’ especially for all the little hands that get to enjoy them. I can’t wait to see what everyone does next year! ♥

  6. Those were just SO creative and inspiring! My personal fave is the little pine cone house by Fur In Paint. Is there an age limit on making a fairy garden? Cos now I want one of my own! :)

  7. Thanks for hosting such a wonderfull event and thanks for all the inspiration! Congratulations to all the winners!!

    I found out yesterday that our garden is not only a good place for elves to stay but also a hedgehog was feeling very comfortable underneath our big closet at the terrace ;). Pictures to be found on my 365 days creative blog.

    Next year I will definitely attend again, now I was just a beginner :). Don’t have any little kids anymore but my innerchild is blooming up!!

    Lots of greets from Susan from The Netherlands

  8. I can’t believe it. Thank you for choosing our colorful egg carton world! This year we made our first fairy garden. I love browsing through all the lovely spaces. They are truly inspiring! I am too looking forward to the fairy garden contest 2013. thank you for hosting such an amazing contest.

  9. I have loved following along with all the Fairy Gardens, to me all that entered were winners!! I hope to have pictures of my fairy garden soon, (had a huge storm come and destroyed it not once but twice) So I’m at it again!! Will be ready come time next year! Thank you for sharing such wonderful creations!

  10. we are so glad that our fairy garden was chosen… it will become more beautiful with our new fairy wooden house. Fairy Lily will certainly love to get around her new home… Thank you so much for all the fun!

  11. Wow, I cannot believe we won. My daughter is going to be so excited. Thank you so much for choosing us and for liking our photo of my daughter next to her fairy garden. Definitely posting this on our website so everyone who likes fairy gardens can do this next year!

  12. Oh my, how very exciting! We feel in such wonderful company with this contest and have been so inspired by all the creative children and families around the world. Thank you for choosing us as a winner (even thought it’s really the fairies themselves who do most of the work in our back yard!) As always, thanks too to you Donni for hosting this and all your Friday collections. – dionne @ passengersonalittlespaceship

  13. Congratulations to all winners and participants.
    Know that – with your art and inspiration to others – you make this a brighter and happier world.
    Well done everyone!

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