Teddy and I painted totem poles. We chose two pieces of driftwood from our driftwood collection. We were feeling bright and sunny, hence  the lovely bold colors our totem poles became.

We always put down a sheet of kraft paper to paint on… that way, if little artists need a few moments to paint BIG, they can.

I love watching Teddy concentrate… he gets a very focused look on his face and his sweet little tongue pops out. I have kept a couple of mini-muffin tins aside to become our painting palettes – they are the perfect size and shape to allow little hands to make the most of each color while keeping each color separate.

Our totem poles turned out wonderfully colorful… which is just how we are feeling, heading into Fall.

Has the new season inspired your crafting too?

Blessings and magic,


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  1. The totems are gorgeous! I love the bright colors, too. It really transforms the driftwood. Painting pieces of nature helps personalize it so much. I use an ice cube tray for my littles’ paints so that, as with a mini muffin tin, they can have lots of colors without too much of a mess.

    1. Casey – I love your idea of using an ice tray to put the paints in… easier to find at garage sales and thrift stores than a mini-muffin tray. Thanks for sharing this tip.
      Blessings and magic,

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