A Story for Halloween

As you know, it’s all about Halloween here in the Sunny House. Halloween crafting and lots of Halloween stories. We found a little gem on the Sparkle Stories website today… a free Audio Story for Halloween!  It’s a delightful tale about a seed, and the magic that grew from it. Kitty has enjoyed an enchanting journey into Sparkle Land and I couldn’t help listening too. It warmed my heart to hear genuine giggles coming from Kitty’s room as I folded the washing.

The story is about how the first Jack-O-Lantern was created. It’s a tale of a baker’s son named Garrith, who — with the help of a magic seed and an enterprising fire sprite named Jack — transformed a simple orange squash into a sparkling, magical lantern that charmed an entire town.

I borrowed this excerpt from the story for you to read…

The Jack-O-Lantern

There is, in the world, a long, long history of people and the wee folk of the fairy realms working together for the common good.  There are countless times when farmers and fairies have built beautiful gardens and abundant orchards together.  There are as many instances where they have tended flocks of sheep, cared for sick children and fed the poor.  Fairies and people have often had similar aims – to make the world a healthy, fruitful place where all things can grow and prosper.

To listen to the whole story or download it for free, click Here.

When I wrote to Lisabeth from Sparkle stories to let her know I’d be sharing her magical Halloween story with you today, she topped it by offering us a super deal… 50% off her So Many Fairies sample pack. What would normally cost you $6, will now only cost you $3!!  $3 for hours of enchantment for your child. You can also pass this offer on to anyone you wish to bring into our magic circle :-)

Here is a link to the 50% off Promo.

Here is a link to the So Many Fairies series

Here is a link to the Sparkle Stories website.

So, friends, with all the adult images our children are exposed to around this Halloween time (we passed a house the other day with a skeleton hanging from a noose and bloody, decapitated heads on the lawn!) this is just one way to focus on the good side of Halloween… the gentle, enchanting, child-friendly Halloween.

Blessings and magic,


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3 thoughts on “A Story for Halloween

  1. Thank you SO much for this wonderful resource Donni.
    I took advantage of the offer, and can’t wait for my girls to hear these beautiful stories. I see a subscription in our very near future ;-)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this link today. My sons just love Sparkle Stories. What a blessing to have a gentle story of Halloween to share. We focus more on Harvest this time of year and don’t do Halloween for a few reasons, one being it is just too scary. My boys are frightened of all of that stuff, even a trip to the hardware store is hard this time of year.

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