Waldorf schools request, to varying degrees, that their families limit the exposure their children have to media in the home. In my years as a Waldorf inspired mom, I’ve had many friends who have questioned my efforts to do without mainstream media. I’ve had many friends exclaim that they would go stir-crazy without the time they have to themselves, or to accomplish family chores, without ‘a few episodes of something educational on the TV’. The truth is, TV doesn’t even come into our consciousness anymore. I really think I still have the same amount of ‘free time’ while my kids build castles with their blocks or play outside.

Here is a short video on why we limit media exposure in Waldorf schools.

Media and Waldorf Education

In the face of so much ‘media exposure’ (pun intended) on the negative effects on our children, why is limiting media exposure such a controversial topic? Truthfully, I’d love to hear your views.

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4 Responses

  1. I often see parents (even Steiner parents) get a little defensive when they are reminded by a teacher about the need to limit (not ban) exposure to media or the problems with too much TV comes up for discussion. I can only think that they feel they need that ‘down time’ and that TV etc is the only way to get it so they don’t want to think that there is anything wrong with doing so. My daughter watches a small amount of television a week ( a show here and there) but does not use a computer at all. I notice the more she watches the more she wants to watch but if she hasn’t watched any for a few days then she stops wanting it. She spends more time reading and drawing than anything else. I will never say no to all television but I’m careful with what she watches and I watch it with her. With everything it’s how you use it and often parents use media as a way of babysitting their children.

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