Some of our favorite crafts are ones that are quick to make and use materials we already have lying around… just like these sweet little yarn pumpkins we made this weekend. I had the orange yarn, Teddy picked the stick we needed and there-you-have- it… quick and easy and totally adorable!



Materials … all you need is :

– pumpkin colored yarn

– scissors

– a stick


Method :

Wrap the yarn around the width of your hand.


Tutorial : Yarn Pumpkin : The Magic Onions Blog

When you have a nice thick wad, cut a length from end of your yarn and lie it flat on the ground. Sit your wound-up wad of yarn in the middle of this single piece of yarn at 90 degrees.

Tie the single piece of yarn tightly around the middle of your wound up wad of yarn.

Fluff the rounded ends evenly and you’ll see your little pumpkin starting to shine through.


Tutorial : Yarn Pumpkin : The Magic Onions Blog


Forage in your garden for a sweet little stick.


Tutorial : Yarn Pumpkin : The Magic Onions Blog


Work this stick into the center of your pumpkin.


Our cute little yarn pumpkin sits on our mantle and brings such an orange glow into the Sunny House.



We made a couple in green yarn pumpkins too but Kitty has whisked them away to play with in her room… apparently the fairies are harvesting their pumpkins today.


Happy Halloween crafting.

Blessings and magic,



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