I can’t bring you Friday’s Nature Table today… why? Because I can’t wait a moment longer to show you the knitted Waldorf story blanket we made to raffle off at our Harvest Faire on Saturday. Just look at it… isn’t it quite the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen!!

It is a Maple Village tradition for us to come together as a community, parents and teachers, to knit pieces for a story blanket that is to be assembled and raffled off at the schools Harvest Faire.

What is a Story Blanket, you may ask? Oh my gosh, it’s SO many things… it can be used for telling stories to your children, it can be a gorgeous playscape for your children to play with or a treasured piece of art to be displayed on your wall or in some other special place in your home. And ours are especially precious as the hands of so many in our community have come together to bring it to life.

It’s 3 feet by 4 feet of pure knitted collaborative creativity! It depicts the 4 seasons… Gorgeous lavender Spring flower gardens, green Summer meadows, earthy Autumn fields and a white snowy Winter wonderland.

The veggie garden is in full harvest with knitted carrots and crocheted cauliflowers and purple lettuces.

There is an enchanting blue river that meanders from a pond across each season.

A bridge crosses over the river to allow little gnomes to get from one bank to the other… and, oh look, a knitted butterfly has alighted on the bridge for a rest!

In the pond, float white crocheted water lilies. And little wooden stepping stones lead to the water’s edge.

On the bank, grow beautiful knitted and felted bulrushes!!!

And See! A duck floats in the pond too!

Acorn Gnomes collect pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.

Crazy Autumn trees droop happily in their Fall regalia.

There is pretty Summer meadow full of pastel flowers.

And a little gray felt bunny.

A wonderful pom pom snowman stands in the white winter snow.

Oh gosh, don’t forget the fiery dragon who lives in his magical cave!

So fellow creative souls… is this not the most magical creation you’ve seen in a long time?! Can you imagine how a child’s imagination will be set free with this enchanting plaything? Knitted Gnomes, pumpkins, felted toadstools, crocheted flowers, pom pom bushes… I can’t express how badly I want this!

I’ll have a chance to win it at our Maple Village Harvest Faire on Saturday, 27 October 2012. It will be raffled off to one lucky winner (I”m going to enter 1000 times). You are all welcome to join us at our Faire … we’d LOVE to have you. I think I’d drive all night from Cincinnati to have a chance at taking this creation home :-) Seriously!

Thank you to all my beautiful friends who shared in this joyous expression of our love for our children and the magical education our Waldorf school give them. We are, indeed, blessed!

Friday’s Nature Table will return next week.

Blessings and magic,


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  1. Good morning, Donni. I as sad for a moment that you are not hosting Friday’s Nature Table this week because I reviewed a book that I love so much and am excited to share. But, then I started looking at this blanket! It is so sweet and makes me happy. I have never seen anything like it. Have a wonderful weekend! -Amy

  2. Wow, that is quite amazing, I think I would buy 1000 raffle tickets as well, but it would be a very long way for me to come! I’ve long wanted to make my boys a knitted playmat but at the speed I get things finished it would probably be more for my grandkids.

  3. Hi, I repeat my comment because I can’t see the one I have written before: do you know any place where I can buy a story blanket (in Spain)? Because it’s wonderful…

  4. wow! that is stunning. Lucky winner. I have started making my DD a knitted playmat and I love the idea of having the four seasons. The dragon would be very welcome on our mat to be :)

  5. Hi Magic Onions – I love this, and I want to make one my self. Can you please tell what size knitting needle you have used?

    Thank you very much, and thank you for a very inspirering blog!!
    :) Astrid from Denmark

    1. Hi Astrid,
      I know, isn’t it lovely!!!
      It was a collaboration from our Waldorf School Moms and Dads… each person knitted a square, so the size of the yarns and needles, and even the stitches, varied from square to square. The amazing thing about it is that anything works… so go with what your creative spirit tells you :-)
      I’d LOVE to see yours when it’s done.
      Blessings and magic,

  6. This blanket is beautiful! I also see that you are local…I am planning on sending my children to Maple Village for their primary education.

    My daughter will be in the hospital next week and I will spend my idle time there beginning to knit a story blanket for my children. This blanket serves as wonderful inspiration and guidance. Thank you for posting photos.

    Next week I will be spending time in the hosp

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