Wax Dripped Pumpkins for Halloween

Oooo, this kids LOVED this Halloween craft… what could be better than fire, melted wax and mini pumpkins!


Mini Pumpkind decorated with melted crayon wax : www.the Magic Onions.com

We needed :

  • recycled crayons
  • a long tapered candle
  • mini pumpkins


We took the ‘skins’ off our crayons, being careful not to break them as we needed them to be long for safety.


We lit our long tapered candles (Teddy and Kitty made theirs yesterday at our enchanting Harvest Faire).

Holding the crayon at the back end, we positioned the pointed end over the flame and let the melted wax drip onto our pumpkin.


As you can see, the concentration was immense! Granny has always warned them never to play with fire. We made the necessary safety preparations such as making sure our hair was tied back, any loose clothing was well secured,  there was a sheet of paper on the floor to catch the mess and there was a bowl of cool water standing by in case of an emergency.


It being Halloween, Kitty chose all the black crayons for her pumpkin.

Teddy, being 5, chose the colorful ones for his.


Layer upon layer of gorgeous colored wax and this is what we now have… awesome Halloween pumpkins to add to our collection.


Here is a link to see the other Halloween crafting we’ve been up to – Halloween Crafting


Blessings and magic,


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6 Responses

  1. How delightful! My kids would love this! The chances to play with fire…this will be very memorable for them. Thanks Donni for yet another magical yet simple childhood memory… Jzin

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