This generous Giveaway has been won by Cynthia (Deep In The Woods). Cynthia said “Interestingly we were talking about Armadillo dreams in Sprouts, our parent/child waldorf class. One of the other mamas was telling us about the beautiful fairies she had bought. I have been showing people all week the shop, most of us are trying to do homemade/handmade holidays this year!

Magic Sponsors, Dustin and Amanda (and their sweet family), offer today’s generous Giveaway.

As you know, I choose my sponsors very carefully to fit in with what we believe here at The Magic Onions. We believe wholeheartedly in supporting the handmade movement and small family businesses. I love knowing that my hard earned money is buying something that has been lovingly made by someone just like me and going to support a family just like mine. Plus, I find that handmade treasures are much more beautiful than their mass produced counterparts. Please consider giving a handmade treasure from Armadillo Dreams to your little love this Christmas.

But, before we get to the Giveaway part, Dustin has given us a little insight into some favorite Christmas tradition for their family.

Dustin writes…

We live in Central Oregon at 3,000 ft. elevation and are fortunate to have a beautiful landscape all around us. Winter here sometimes looks like something out of a story we read to our kids. You can really see each season in a very dramatic way here! This time of year it’s common to have days where the temperature never gets above freezing and sub zero nights. To the west of us we have the snow covered Cascade Mountains that bring in skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. We also have the Deschutes National Forest with huge snow covered ponderosa pine trees. It’s very picturesque and inspiring! We thought it would be fun to share two of our personal favorite things about the season.

One of our favorite winter family activities is to go out in the forest up near the mountains and cut down a Christmas tree. Wandering around in the forest until we find that perfect tree is just so much fun, especially if it’s on a day when it’s snowing a little bit. Once we find the right one and cut it down we head back to the car. Once back at the car, we bring out a little camp stove that we brought along to warm up some water for hot cocoa to enjoy with a lunch that we packed from home. The trees we bring home don’t have as tightly spaces branches as the ones you can buy at a tree lot and often end up looking a little like the Christmas tree on “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. They smell so much fresher in our home though and we all enjoy remembering the fun time we had going to get it. Another plus is that you can really see all the ornaments!

Another one of my favorite moments in winter is when I am working in my shop. Sometimes I look up through the window that is above my work bench and see snow coming down. To be working in my shop making toys for kids and watching it snow outside makes me feel like Santa. Cheesy I know, but it’s a feeling that makes me happy.

Donni writes…

Thank you, Dustin. Wow… picking your Christmas tree is a little more organic than picking it from the hundred’s leaning up against the fence in the empty parking lot like we do here in the big city… I like your way much better!

 And, in a way, you ARE Santa :-)

If you want to find out more about Dustin, Amanda and their lovely family, you can visit this past post here and their blog Wild Armadillos.

And CLICK HERE  to enter their shop.

Now for the Giveaway!

Armadillo Dreams is offering one lucky reader a $40 spending spree in their gorgeous shop. Yes, $40 to spend on anything ~ but, be warned, Armadillo Dreams is packed so full of the most amazingly beautiful wooden toys that choosing will not be easy!

This Giveaway is closed (17 November 2012)

This Giveaway is open to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, shipping included.

How to enter the Giveaway:

Simply leave a comment at the end of this post, letting us know what your favorite treasure in the Armadillo Dreams shop is.

You can enter 5 additional times by:

1. Like Armadillo Dreams on Facebook (add an entry if you have already)

2. Blog about Armadillo Dreams or this Giveaway.

3. Add Armadillo Dreams to your Favorites on Etsy (add an entry if you have already)

4. Pin something from Armadillo Dreams or this Giveaway

5. Tell your friends and family about all the beautiful toys you’ve seen in Armadillo Dreams.

Be sure to come back and leave a NEW comment for each additional entry.

Giveaway will close on Saturday 17 November. Open to everyone. Shipping included.

Here are more links for Armadillo Dreams.


Website / Blog (coming soon):
Thank you, Dustin and Amanda.
Good luck Everyone.
Blessings and magic,


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208 Responses

  1. Wow! Their shop really is packed full! I suspect my kids would all pick different things, but the wee black cat toy is my favorite. We lost one of our black cats recently and it would be so nice to have a small reminder of her.

  2. Oh Thank you for the oppertunity to enter this giveaway, there are so so many cute things in Armadillo dreams shop, I think my favorite would be the pull along wagon, but I have my eye on the Turkey too with Thanksgiving quicklu approaching.

  3. Interestingly we were talking about Armadillo dreams in Sprouts, our parent/child waldorf class. One of the other mamas was telling us about the beautiful fairies she had bought. I have been showing people all week the shop, most of us are trying to do homemade/handmade holidays this year!

  4. My daughter would LOVE the Cozy Deer Toy (doe and fawn). The scarves that they wear are just precious!!! She loves mama and baby animals and would have many, many fun hours playing with this set. She also would likes the Apple Tree Toy. I imagine the doe and fawn would be eating a lot of the little apples! Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. I love Denver the dog because he reminds me of my parents’ dog who just passed away a few months ago. This might be a nice Xmas present for them.

  6. My favorite would be baa baa black sheep–the current favorite rhyme and song in this house – thanks for the chance to shop at their store–such wonderful toys full of playful opportunities.

  7. And I’m not sure how to prove the “tell your family and friends” part either, but I sent my sister a link to the shop – her daughter is a few months older than mine :)

  8. Everything is beautiful. I really like the Cardinal, Dove and Sparrow set. We been talking about our favorite birds and drawing them lately.

  9. I’ve been giving their toys as gifts and passing along their cards to friends and family, also often like and share their posts on Facebook… not sure what exactly you want is to do for #5 above!

  10. Love the shop, so many fun items to put on the seasonal table. My favorite is the mushroom with the gnomes, just lovely. My son’s favorite is hands down Rudolph :)

  11. What gorgeous toys! I believe the colorful snake pull toy would be a favorite of my little fellas. Thank you so much for the offering this kind giveaway!

  12. I have added you as a favorite on Etsy! Be sure to check out my shop if you have time too…I make these wooden matching games out of vintage papers and comics…my boys love them!

  13. I love the pirate ship, the autumn fairy, the mama bear w/baby, the mama deer w/fawn. Oh so many other things… the camping set, weather set….

  14. Oh, how to choose! I think I would have to go with their St. Lucia figure…or some of their fairies. So beautiful!
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  15. I love the home is where the heart is set….adorable. This would be a dream come true for me, and I would love to win this for my precious daughter !

  16. I love pretty much everything that Armadillo Dreams makes but I’ve been eying the set of farm animals plus farmer. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  17. My favorite are the 3 mermaids which I’ve been eyeing for a while. I’m a big fan of their shop. (In fact I already have a post for Friday with some of their items in it. I’ll mention the giveaway and come back with the link.)

  18. I love Armadillo Dreams. My favorite Item was the Rainbow fairy I ordered for my daughters 2nd birthday. However, my new favorite is St. Lucia. My daughter is Lucia,

  19. You are on my Favorites on ETSY. I haven’t looked at the shop in awhile. The new additions are great. The baby pirate cracked me up, My daughter runs around as a baby pirate at least once a day, proclaiming she is a baby pirate.

  20. I Love everything on this webiste, but my favorite is the Narwall Whale. My girls would LOVE everything on this site! I wish I was a kid!!


  21. Also, I love the rainbow pull toy! May need to purchase for my 1 year olds birthday in December! I also love all the Christmas themed toys, especially the fairy!!

  22. Love, love, love your word! I love the St. Nick. I went ahead and liked you on Facebook yesterday and then added you to my favorites on Etsy today! I told my husband that I love wooden toys and he laughed at me and said he thinks I like toys more than our 4 daughters do!


  23. We’ve told our family. Various AD lovelies grace our seasonal nature table and they’re always on our wish lists. Our family and friends love to pick up pieces for as gifts for our girls.

  24. I love the deer family set. We have deer that visit our backyard often (to eat my plants :( ) and like to talk about what they might be doing during the day when we can’t see them.

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