Making a felted geode is a fun and easy beginner felting project for children. We love wet felting in our home, especially on a winters day when we are stuck inside. We put a towel on the floor and set a bowl of warm soapy water on the towel, roll up our selves and enjoy this fun activity.

For this project, you’ll need colorful wool roving, warm soapy water and a sharp knife.

Start with a strip of colorful wool roving about the length of your hand. Roll it up into a tight spiral and get your child to roll it in their hands to form a ball.

Choose another color of roving and cover the first little ball with this new color. Again, get your child to roll it in their hands.

Choose another color and cover the ball again.

Get your child to roll it in their hands again… they LOVE the feel of the warm wool.

Carry on covering your ball, making it bigger and bigger with each new layer of color.

When you have covered your ball with all of the colors, the wet felting can begin.

Put a quarter sized amount of detergent in the palm of your child’s hand and get them to roll their ball in the detergent, covering it as best they can.

Get them to dip their hands in the warm, soapy water and roll their ball in their hands again, nice and gently at first, with not too much water. Around and around until they feel the wool fibers of the ball start to tighten up.

Now they can roll the ball more firmly, squishing it between their hands, getting it wonderfully soapy. Around and around. They can even stand on their soapy ball and squish it between their feet… the more agitation at this stage, the better.

When the ball is nice and firm, rinse it thoroughly to get out all of the soap.

With a very sharp knife, let your child watch as you cut it through the middle.

They are sure to gasp at the gorgeous colorful geode that emerges!

We have strung a hanging thread through our geodes and will use them as wonderfully colorful Christmas ornaments this year.

If you would like to do this fun felting project with your kids but don’t have the materials you need for it, I have this kit available in my shop for purchase – Felted Geode Kit, along with other fun Needle and Wet felting kits. CLICK HERE to see all of my felting kits.

Here is a link to all of the other needle felting tutorials from my Needle Felting Page.

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  1. These are so much fun! I have made these before and really the possibilities are endless! Kids love to see the surprise inside! These can be used as pin-cushions, necklace charms, etc. :)

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