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Giveaway :: Magic Craft Box – $60 Value.

Magic friends, here’s the big news… in the spirit of sharing the light, I’m giving away a Winter Magic Craft Box to one lucky family.

I thank you all for getting the word out there that this is a magical crafting experience just waiting to be enjoyed! What a lovely Christmas gift for a creative family.

If you are still unfamiliar with the Magic Craft Box, here’s the crux of it…

Life is busy. We often don’t have the time to find all of the goodies we need to make the things we’d like to make with our children. We mean to, we have good intentions, but stuff gets in the way. Sometimes we don’t know where to find all the materials. Often the local craft store doesn’t carry what we need… well, now we have The Magic Craft Box! Everything you’ll need to make beautiful handmade treasures with your children, mailed straight to your doorstep, ready and waiting for when you have a little free time to make magic with your children.


CLICK HERE to visit the Magic Craft Box Page and find out everything you need about this magical concept of crafting with children.


Click the orange ‘Get Your Box!’ button below if you are ready to purchase your own Magic Craft Box,

Here are the enchanting crafts you’ll be making with your children in Winter’s Magic Craft Box…

Felt and Pine Cone Gnome Ornament for your Christmas Tree.

Winter Wonderland Snow Globe

Felted Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Painted Goose Feather Decorations

CLICK HERE  to see what your Winter Magic Craft Box will look like.

Congrats to Monica B who has won this Giveaway :-)



Simply leave a comment in the comment box below with a special creative memory you have.

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Be sure to come back and leave a comment for EACH additional entry you’ve earned… you can earn 6 in all.

This Giveaway is open to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE.

Entries close on Wednesday 7th November.


Good luck!

Blessings and magic,


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Donni Webber is the mom behind the popular natural living Waldorf website and blog, The Magic Onions - where the magic of nature and the wonder of childhood collide to make each moment a precious gift. She is a photographer, writer, crafter, wife and mother of two inspiring young children. Her work has been featured in many popular publications, including HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, Disney and Apartment Therapy.

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  1. such a fun idea! :)

  2. Sarah in the woods says:

    What a neat idea! I think making paper snowflakes withmy kids each winter willalways be a special memory for me.

  3. These look great! My special memory is sitting down with my mom recently to needle-felt some little pumpkins while my children napped.

  4. Would love a chance to try your Magic Craft Box! My favorite creative memory is always watching my daughter draw in the sand at the beach. So peaceful and melts my heart every time.

  5. One of your followers on facebook!

  6. Thanks for the opportunity. One of my favorite creative memories is decorating Easter eggs.

  7. Such a fun idea! I think one of my favorite creative memories is from elementary school in Norway…before Christmas every year there would be an evening ‘Christmas shop’ where we made Christmas decorations, sang Christmas songs, ate gingersnaps and had glogg. Christmas and winter crafts are my favorite to this day!

  8. Facebook follower :-)

  9. So many great ideas, and as ever I LOVE the open to everyone, everywhere comment ;-)

  10. Tiffany Parent says:

    I have wonderful memories as a child of laying on the ground during a snowstorm and looking straight up into the snow falling. We had a really big flaked snowsorm a few years ago, it was nighttime and the wind was blowing! I brought the kids outside and we just lay there silent as the snow fell on our faces. I watched them as the snow caught on their eyelashes and cheeks. Can you see it? Magical moments that I remember.

  11. Pinned it too!

  12. This is so cool. Thanks for the chance to get one of these magic crafts for free.
    My special creative memory would be this recent activity that my son and I have initiated. We began drawing random things in a piece of notepad which we fold and put in a tin can. Then like raffle entries, we pick 3 or more of these drawings and make a story out of it. We have fun stitching up stories using these images.

  13. Join Mailing list – Done =)

  14. Like our Facebook Page ( ) – Already a Liker since Sept 2012 =)

  15. My favorite holiday memories are of creating special ornaments and gifts for my family every year. My mom used to make us string yards and yards of popcorn and cranberries for our tree, and after the holidays we’d leave it out for the birds to eat.

  16. I’m a Facebook fan!

  17. I have many crafting memories, and i think your box idea is great! My favourite from when I was young was going for autumn walks in a little reserve in the middle of suburban Auckland, NZ, and collecting bits and pieces… chestnuts, toadstools, dried leaves etc , then arranging them as a centrepiece for the dining table. and making collages.

  18. Love this! Great giveaway and what a great box too!

  19. Already like your facebook page, so liked your post bout giveaway too! slighhtly technophobic, hope thats the right thing to do!

  20. Like on Facebook too!

  21. How cool, cheers Marie

  22. Have signed up to your mailing list…

  23. A treasure indeed to find in the mail. I’m sure good thoughts and magic come with the merry making.
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. I liked your facebook page!

  25. I pinned this giveaway, I hope my other crafty friends click through,

    what a great resource!

  26. I shared this post about the giveaway on facebook.

    I also made your ‘christmas stars’ in multi colors for my Son’s Birthday party a week ago – better than balloons!

  27. You are truly amazing! Have you posted what to do with all those beautiful magnolia cones around here? :)

  28. Me! Me! Me! :)

  29. I liked your facebook page (via

  30. My favourite creative memory is wrapping matchboxes in Christmas paper and tying ribbon around them to make decorations for our tree.

  31. Maria Bivens says:

    I had the most fun this summer creating my Fairy garden. I cruise yard sales and good wills looking for cute little fairy things to add to it

  32. My super Crafty memory was weaving baskets from vines in the rainforest… Great craft pack, hope I win!

  33. i remember making rag angels and clove oranges with my mom. she made a lot of things with us as kids, but those are the ones i remember the most. i would love to have a kit like this to share with her and my daughter. <3

  34. Who would want that box of goodness???

  35. I just pinned it.

  36. Simply magical!

  37. I remember the first year my husband and I sent out (homemade) Christmas cards together. fun!

  38. I joined the mailing list.

  39. I like you on fb.

  40. Kristin Clewell says:

    I remember making many beaded candy canes with my mom. Just as my children are doing as I type this.

  41. Kristin Clewell says:

    I just pinned it!

  42. Kristin Clewell says:

    I just put it on my Facebook page.

  43. Kristin Clewell says:

    I already liked the FB page.

  44. Tracy Burkett says:

    I love the looks of these! One of my favorite craft memories is making a gingerbread village with my daughter (who was 4) last year. She LOVES to be creative!!

  45. Sandra M. says:

    This is great! My most creative craft memory – umm, I think is the one from my primary school – I made a vitrage for my art class, but using paper napkins instead of glass…

  46. Sandra M. says:

    I joined your mailing list.

  47. Sandra M. says:

    I like your page on FB (Sandra Mil)

  48. Lovely giveaway Doni:-) I love thinking back on the bottom print butterflies we made when my daughter was only weeks old and my son was 3 – we just painted their bots and had them sit on paper, then we added some butterfly spots using their fingers. It was so silly and fun, but created some lovely memories and pretty paintings :-)

  49. Oooh, we would love this.

  50. My favourite creative memory with my daughters is making our fairy garden for the first time inspired by your website :)

  51. Love the magic craft boxes. Just signed up for the newsletter!

  52. My favorite crafty memory was making faerie houses with my mom!

  53. And I liked you on fb! Thank you!

  54. Already a subcriber to your mailing list and already “like” your fb page. Shared the giveawayon fb and pinterest!

  55. Shared it thru Pinterest =)

  56. Love this! We did such similar things as kids! Making our own ornaments out of salt dough, popcorn strings (only once as it attracted mice), painted our windows and hung garlands of tissue paper snowflakes. There was such a satisfaction in the resourcefulness of creating our own!

  57. Share The Magic Craft Box on my Facebook Page. Even tagged you in it =)

  58. We made different ornaments every year…painted noodle angels, felt snowmen, clothespin horses…so fun!

  59. Like you on fb

  60. Pinned on Pinterest.

  61. A. Havens says:

    A favorite creative memory is making my kiddies Trick-or-treat costumes, and seeing how much fun they have dressing up when it is completed!

  62. A. Havens says:

    I liked The Magic Onions on FB.

  63. A. Havens says:

    I shared the give away on FB.

  64. Thanks for this. I always try to make a few crafts with the kids every Christmas. This year will be different. We are living at Grandmas house this Christmas and don’t have all our crafting supplies with us. We will have fun though and make some awesome memories.

  65. Beautiful! I love this concept. My fingers are crossed!

  66. cool!

  67. Oooh, my kid would go crazy for that!

  68. And shared on Facebook!

  69. ooooo la la! i LOVE! my special memory – creating a fairy house with my 5 year old daughter. she is very creative and has great ideas. one of them – an acorn cap made into “magic” lantern and hung from a tree. :)

  70. i shared on my FB!

  71. i just liked your FB page!

  72. i joined your mailing list!

  73. can’t wait to win! ;)

  74. I love the idea of a craft box. With a new baby, time is often an issue when coming up with craft ideas and prepping for them with my toddler. This would be a blessing to us! My favorite memory is making baked clay ornaments with my mom and sister for Christmas. Can’t wait to do this with my kiddos!

  75. also signed up for your newsletter and liked you on facebook!

  76. Amy Capelle says:

    I knew someone would come out with this eventually! Love it!

  77. Amy Capelle says:

    Liked you on FB

  78. Amy Capelle says:

    Joined the mailing list!

  79. Amy Capelle says:

    Shared it on my FB page! Thank you!!

  80. Megan Lunt says:

    This would be awesome for our family craft times! I love painting with my son!

  81. Megan Lunt says:

    subscribed to your newsletter!

  82. Megan Lunt says:

    I like you on facebook!

  83. Megan Lunt says:

    I pinned the magic craft box!

  84. I remember, as a kid, helping make woven hearts out of felt with my mom. This year, I found and modified a knitting pattern to make the same heart, just in 3-dimensional form. I want to surprise my mom with it as a way of showing how special those times crafting together were for me.

  85. I’m signed up for the seasonal newsletter!

  86. I’m a fan of Magic Onions on Facebook.

  87. I remember sitting with my grandmother learning to sew on her old cast iron treadle sewing machine. She was so very patient and would help all of her grandchildren to learn to sew their own projects. She was so very talented and passing on her knowledge is something I will be forever grateful for.

  88. I subscribed to your newsletter!

  89. I liked your page on Facebook!

  90. Shared on Facebook!

  91. Pinned it to Pinterest too!

  92. Jennifer Edwards says:

    Thanks for the give away! I especially loved the home made bubble wands and bubble solution my son and I recently made.

  93. Jennifer Edwards says:


  94. Jennifer Edwards says:

    Already a fan on facebook!

  95. These look lovely!

  96. Amanda Rae Smith says:

    I have just started needlefelting with my older daughters, and my littlest loves to just play with the wool! Thanks for the contest!

  97. Amanda Rae Smith says:

    Signed up for the newsletter!

  98. Amanda Rae Smith says:

    Facebook fan!

  99. mary sather says:

    i made ornaments using glass balls stuffed with fluffy feathers from a molting chicken. they were beautiful! thanks for the giveaway!

  100. Fan on Facebook? Yes!
    Pinned on Pintrest? Yes!
    Shared on Facebook? Yes!
    On Mailing List? Yes!
    Commenting here? Yes!

  101. So beautiful! Would love to win and share these with my family. Growing up in Chile with the holidays during the summer, it was fun to know we’d be off for 3 months. But my adult life has been spent here in the northern hemisphere and I love so much that is winter. I love the cozyness and closeness it brings to us all, and my husband being a teacher and having the winter break during this time, makes it even more special. And we have beautiful traditions and memories with my family now, in our own ways. But I do remember growing up, we celebrated Christmas as a block party. With a huge (live) Christmas tree, and (we) the kids would make decorations each year for the tree. All sorts, but the one I remember the most enjoying, was covering tin cans with Christmas wrapping paper and glitter, and strings and ribbons, to hang from the (very large) tree. So much fun working together with all of our friends in such a festive way.

  102. How absolutely beautiful

  103. What an incredible box! My favorite creative memory is making yarn dolls with my mom and sister when we were little.

  104. Mechele Johnson says:

    I am a subscriber as mmjohnson555 at gmail dot com.

  105. Mechele Johnson says:

    I like (love) you on FB as Mechele JOhnson

  106. Mechele Johnson says:
  107. One of my most memorable creative moments was when I was a kid my mother and I would make the longest paper chain we could to string around our house for Christmas. It was so much fun! i hope that my kids can look back on the things we do with as much fondness as I do that :)

  108. fan on facebook

  109. subscirbed to blog

  110. Pinned it!

  111. Shared on Facebook

  112. I’m already a fan on Facebook!

  113. and I’ve just pinned your giveaway x

  114. Manuela Stevens says:

    I would love this magic box for my boys and me to make some beautiful gifts this fall/ winter. My favorite memory is, the boys excited faces when we soap felt balls or creatures for the baby to play with, the smell of the Soap and the excitement when its dry and she gets to play with them :)…so, it would be lovely to get this to try new tthings :) thank you!

  115. Heather Kominsky says:

    We recently made lanterns at home for our first lantern walk tomorrow evening! Very excited! Just starting to be more creative with crafts for my boys and this would be such a wonderful gift!

  116. Looove this idea of the magic box ! We do a lot of crafts in our family, one of my favorite ones is making little boats from walnutshells and fill them with melted down leftover candles and let them float in the kitchen sink while they are lit. It looks so pretty. We do this at the celebration of what we call ‘Maria Lichtmis’in dutch sorry don’t know the english name.

  117. Just shared on facebook :}

  118. and joined your mailing list :)

  119. Jennifer S says:

    I loved making Christmas crafts as a kid with my siblings. There are too many to pick a favorite.

  120. Hello, what a beautifull site you have, I saw it on the blog from softatheart. I live in Holland and here we celebrate the feast of St Nicolaas and Black Peter. When my children were little I made them a Black Peter suite. Then in the time St Nicolaas was in Holland my husband and I and the children made presents for many people we know. Then at 5 december, the birthday of St Nicolaas, the children were dressed up als Black Peter en they go around knocking on doors and sprinkle pepper nuts give the presents to the people. For weeks before and after we had so much fun. Now my daughter is 20 and she babysitt on small children and at 5 december she knocks at their doors dressud up als Black Peter leaving presents for the little ones.

  121. Heather Kominsky says:

    And I liked you on Facebook! Fingers crossed :) much love to you!

  122. Heather Kominsky says:

    And joined your mailing list! <3

  123. Seeing my girls spend 3 straight hours sitting still and felting at 4 and 5 years old warms my heart. They are so crafty!!!

  124. this looks amazing!! I spent most of my natural childhood doing sewing crafts with my mother. I would love to share this experience with my BOYS!!

  125. susan smoaks says:

    one summer i took a ceramics class and i loved creating new things and painting them!

  126. I have always loved cross-stitching on linen. My kids like working with felt and pine cones.

  127. I joined your mailing list. (juleemm2003 at yahoo dot com)

  128. Last year we made salt dough ornaments with my oldest and she painted them. She had a blast and I can’t wait to make more with her this year.

  129. Heather N says:

    My special craft memory was the first time my daughter took a crayon to paper. To see her create was amazing and fulfilling even though it was just a few strokes on the paper.

  130. I remember doing art projects with my mother

  131. Every Christmas my sisters and I made peanut men…. I do the same with my daughter now.

  132. like you on FB as sarah linette

  133. I remember making christmas ornaments for my parents as gifts

  134. Elaina Franck says:

    Would love to win this. Thanks

  135. Elaina Franck says:

    Liked your fb page

  136. Elaina Franck says:

    Pinned on Pinterest

  137. Sarah Yurga says:

    I remember making candles with my aunt for Christmas gifts one year – it was fun, dangerous – but fun!

  138. Sarah Yurga says:
  139. Sarah Yurga says:

    email subscriber

  140. I also did share the give away on Facebook !

  141. I subscribed to your newsletter !

  142. Shannon Baas says:

    the old paint by number ornaments.

  143. What a beautiful idea
    I just signed up for the newsletter

  144. I am already a fan of your fb page

  145. I have shared on my fb page

  146. pinned it too

  147. I subscribed to the newsletter!

  148. I liked your Facebook page!

  149. I shared “The Magic Onions” on Facebook! :o)

  150. My kids and I have done leaf rubbings for years, and it’s so lovely to see where that small, simple craft leads them. They are much more creative than me! ;o)

  151. kathy pease says:

    we use to make christmas ornaments with our mom for the tree..we would use styrofoam balls and little glitter thingys with holes we would pin on the balls it was so fun :)

  152. kathy pease says:
  153. kathy pease says:
  154. Heather N says:

    I subscribed to the newsletter. Yay!

  155. Stephanie Larison says:

    My first creative memory I have is scrapbooking with my mom. Loved it!

  156. Stephanie Larison says:

    Liked the facebook page!

  157. Judith (from Israel) says:

    My favorite creative memories are the mornings that I share with my best friend once a week at my house, making mosaic boxes and trays.

  158. These are SO lovely!

  159. I am a fan in Facebook.

  160. I signed up for your newsletter.

  161. Making christmas elf and santas with my son. We made them when he was 3 and 3 yrs later they’ll still be coming out this christmas. My mum still has the decoration I made when I was 5, it’s still going over 30 years later.

  162. Shirley Hicks says:

    As a kid i remember when my brothers and I would string popcorn and put it on the tree

  163. pinned it.,liked it on facebook, put an entry on facebook and am commenting all but the blog thing (I”m not blogging right now. ) Looks like a great kit! I’m excited to try it. !

  164. jules mcnubbin says:

    i can remember decorating pine cones, and stringing popcorn to hang on the tree at christmas

  165. Amber Porter says:

    My special memory is making mason jars with holes on tops and decorating them to catch lightning bugs with my brothers and my grandmother.

  166. Amber Porter says:

    signed up for mailing list
    skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

  167. Amber Porter says:

    like you on fb
    amber porter

  168. Krista Clement says:

    My favorite creative memory is an ongoing tradition with my children. Every year we create all of our Christmas ornaments for the tree. Every year we make a different ornament. I used to be in charge of all the advent stuff—but now my oldest two even make our Advent Wreath. Advent is our favorite time of the year because of all of the crafting we do together.

  169. Ann Council says:

    My Mother would sew little dresses with matching pocketbooks and put a nickle in the pocketbook for my little doll. I remember the click clack of the sewing machine and watching her doing this for Christmas time.

  170. jessica schueler says:

    My favorite creative memory is my mother made me a Strawberry Shortcake ornament for our Christmas tree when I was real little, we still have it and hang it on her tree every year.

  171. Making beaded ornaments for the christmas tree.

  172. I’m an email subscriber.

  173. Jamie Martin says:

    just a quickie, the other day, girlfriend and I were at Walmart, shopping for scrapbooking stickers, and I just remembered how blessed I was to have her; it seems trivial, but it was special to me.

  174. Jamie Martin says:

    I’m already a fan on Facebook – Jamie Leigh Martin.

  175. Jamie Martin says:
  176. Jamie Martin says:
  177. just pinned to pinterest

  178. liked your fb page

  179. first creative memory…..I have so many, but one comes to mind where I did crafts with the scouts, for christmas we made christmas ball ornaments filled with snow and something to remind us of the holiday

  180. subscribed

  181. shirley zolenski says:

    I remember making a hallway mirror look like stained glass

  182. I love watching my grandmother measure her grand kids (I’m one of them) and great grands for blankets, mittens and hats.

  183. shirley zolenski says:

    email subscriber

  184. Sara O'Shea says:

    This summer my kids and I created a mermaid’s cove with the shells/pebbles etc we had brought back from a holiday on the west coast of Ireland. Your Winter Magic Craft Box looks amazing.

  185. shirley zolenski says:

    like u on fb as shirley greenawalt zolenski

  186. A special creative memory I have is making Christmas cookies with my sisters and Mom. We would make all kinds of shapes. I now carry on that tradition with my two sons.

  187. Sarah Hall says:

    My favorite memory is a good friend and I made kitchen hangings out of yarn and country material and put cotton balls in them with cinnamon flavoring on them. It would make your kitchen smell wonderful. My friend is now deceased but I love that memory.

  188. This is adorable! I love it. My special memory is decorating our tree with my grandmom while listening to Christmas music. About 75% of the ornaments were made by me and my cousins when we were little, and we love seeing them every year, especially as a symbol of how much we’ve grown since we were that little.

  189. Just signed up for the newsletter!

  190. Liked the facebook page!

  191. sounds great im in

  192. Jackie Brewer says:

    This looks like so much fun to do. I try to find some kind of craft each year for my daughter and I to do together, last year we attempted homemade Christmas ornaments. The key word there is attempted, LOL, but it was still fun!!!

  193. elven johnson says:

    I remember my grandma showing me how to make paper beads with old magazine pages & glue. We used the beads on a ribbon for the x-mas tree.

  194. shirley zolenski says:
  195. subscribed to the newsletter!

  196. my most recent creative memory is carving a pumpkin with my daughter (her first one!)

  197. i follow you on facebook!

  198. Nicole Lancaster says:

    My special creative memory is making snowball candles and Christmas paper chains with my grandmother.

  199. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I subscribe to your

  200. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I liked Magic Onions on Facebook-Nicole Lancaster (

  201. Nicole Lancaster says:

    Pinned Magic Craft Box on Pinterest.

  202. I have liked you on Facebook. My last creative session was making two felt ornaments for the Natural Suburbia swap – the recipient was delighted with them and so I will make some more for Christmas gifts. Thank you for the opportunity.

  203. What a beautiful giveaway! Thank you – you continue to be an inspiration!

  204. Liked on Facebook

  205. I am already subscribed, but forgot to mention a memory above. I loved making Christmas crafts with my mother when I was little. Simple things like cutting Christmas shaped out of cardboard and decorating with sparkles, such a special memory.

  206. Mine is when my 6 year old who had been watching her grandmother knit came home and tried to teach me how to knit. With a little struggle on my part we did manage to make a tiny scarf for her barbie. That will always be a special memory to me

  207. newsletter subscriber

  208. Kathleen Downes says:

    My favorite memory is decorating cookies during Christmas.

  209. Leah Shumack says:

    I like you on fb (clair freebie)

  210. Leah Shumack says:

    I love creating anything with my daughter. We do craft days where it’s everyone out of the trunk and lets see what we can do or basically crayons and blank paper to see what we can draw!

  211. What magical ideas for creating with children. I remember creating little fairy homes when i was small spending all day out in the garden, picking carrots to snack on and filling my cubby with grass for carpet. Thankyou for such a wonderful giveaway xxxxx

  212. Lisa Nevins says:

    I have so many great memories of creating and crafting with my boys! My very favorite was two falls ago…we made a life size “enchanted” tree on one of their bedroom walls. We painted the coolest tree trunk and started taping colorful leaves of various sizes and shapes all over. Every time we went walking we brought home our “loot” and added to our tree. By winter, we had covered almost the entire wall and it was the most amazing creation ever. Friends and family were always awestruck when they saw it. My boys were so proud of it.

  213. Janet Boyanton says:

    I remember a wonderful craft book I had as a child that had great simple crafts.

  214. I make homemade ornaments with my kids every year….sometime the cookie cutter ones you bake and paint, or making candy canes with pipe cleaners and beads. We both enjoy it.

  215. Buddy Garrett says:

    I remember my wife creating craft accessories for our daughter.

  216. Buddy Garrett says:

    I like your Facebook page.

  217. Robin Laskowski says:

    With my young twins we recently made a fall leaf garland by dipping each collected leaf in hot beeswax and then taking turns completing a running stitch with wool yarn through the top of each cooled leaf. The garland smells lovely and remains bright nearly a month later. Thank you for posting this generous give away.

  218. I remember making horse ornaments out of clothes pins with my mother. She was crafty and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! Thanks!

  219. I like you on facebook

  220. krystle s says:

    I took my 4 year old to the craft store. Later that day she made an egg carton caterpillar and the look on her little face while she was painting was priceless. I think that’s my favorite creative memory.

  221. krystle s says:

    liked magic onions on fb (krystle shoemaker)

  222. krystle s says:

    shared it on my fb page (krystle shoemaker)

  223. krystle s says:

    pinned it on pinterest (krystle shoemaker)

  224. My favorite memories is making cedar boughs to decorate the inside and outside of the house. My children and I love to decorate them with cranberries, handmade pictures…whatever strikes the creative fancy!

  225. I liked you on facebook

  226. I’m following you on pinterest

  227. I pinned your magical holiday box

  228. Tahm you for this wonderful opportunity!

  229. I remember ym brother and I making Bonfire Night guys. This year I shared that with experience with our toddler.

  230. signing up to your mailing list

  231. I found the Magic Craft Box on etsy a few days ago and I love the idea! Here’s my creative memory….my 4 year old and I collected small fallen twigs from outside and made a twig lantern. It turned out to be more beautiful than I thought, but the really magical part was putting it on the coffee table and lighting it at night. Watching the wonder in my son’s eyes and seeing how much he enjoyed the simple beauty from our project was amazing!

  232. I liked The Magic Onion on facebook.

  233. I shared the Magic Craft Box Giveaway on my facebook page!

  234. I pinned it on Pinterest!

  235. I signed up for your mailing list.

  236. Rich Morris says:

    i remember making a “Vine City” in the woods at my parents house when i was a kid. we used that all summer. After going back this year, it all looked so different. our imagination was rampant back then

  237. Rich Morris says:

    i subscribe via email:

  238. Rich Morris says:

    i like The Magic Onions on fb
    rich morris

  239. Rich Morris says:
  240. I just want to share a general memory: The look on my childrens’ faces each time they have created something. . . their sense of pride is priceless.

  241. I joined your mailinglist

  242. I like your FB page

  243. I pinned the give away on Pinterest

  244. I shared the give away on my FB page

  245. My family didn’t have a lot of money to spend on toys, so my sister and I got creative and made Barbie doll furniture from paper cups, cheese boxes and pencils. We sewed doll clothes and small quilts from scraps of fabric my mom had from other projects.

  246. Wow, what a lovely christmas decoration :-)

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