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Gnome and Fairy Houses

I am LOVING reading Sarah Olmstead’s book Imagine Childhood. She has such a magical way of writing and, more than once, I’ve come to a paragraph where I’ve thought, ‘Oh yes… I did that as a child too!!’ Childhood is an universal language. I find Sarah’s words inspiring. Being a mom and having the power to bring childhood magic into the lives of our children must surely be one of the most important tasks we have.When I was a child 30 (or so) years ago, we had so much more freedom than our own children are allowed. Like Sarah, I was often out alone in the forest, left to dream up fantastical daydreams. It’s sad hat our children don’t have this luxury and I feel it is my duty to give them the illusion of being lost in nature and their imaginations.

Last night, I read the chapter in the book about making fairy houses. I love how Sarah and her little ones stop off along a trail somewhere and find the perfect spot for fairy play. It made me remember the times when my little family and I had done the same and, as the memories came flooding back, I realized that we hadn’t spontaneously created a fairy house for such a long time… many years, in fact. We used to make them wherever we went. Why we stopped, I do not know. So, this afternoon, we are going to put on our rain boots and venture out into the late Autumn sunshine to make a gnome home in the woods.

Here are some photos of some of the fairy and gnome homes we’ve made in the past…

Gnome Feast with a mushroom table, chairs and lots of yummy goodies for gnomes to eat. CLICK HERE to see more.

Here is a magic fairy circle with a feast for whomever happens upon it. CLICK HERE to see more.

Oh gosh… these gnomes seem to eat a lot! Here is another gnome feats. CLICK HERE to see more.

Here is Kitty (look how young she looks!), very proud of the little stick house she has made for a lucky, unsuspecting, gnome. CLICK HERE to see more.

We are so excited for this afternoons adventures… I’ll be sure to take some photos of our newest gnome home.

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Blessings and magic



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