A few months ago, the most delightful lady purchased a set of felted acorns from Fairyfolk. She loved her acorns and wrote to say that she had a gift for me. A few days later, a package arrived in the mail and, inside, I found the hugest acorn caps I had ever seen. They are from the Bur Oak. They are, quite literally, the size of an egg! I love them more than words can say and have been saving them for a very special project.

Acorn Nest Tutorial  : www.theMagicOnions.com

Today, we made the sweetest little nest ornaments using my treasured Bur Oak acorn caps, some ribbon, white wool roving and blue woolen eggs.

Teddy used my hot glue gun to stick the ribbon hanging loop to the inside of the acorn cap.

Kitty put a little of the white fluff wool roving into each acorn nest, added three little blue woolen eggs and hung these enchanting ornaments on our tree.

I think I have to say that these little Bur acorn nests are my favorite ornaments we have made so far.

What is your favorite handmade ornament?

Blessings and magic,



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5 Responses

  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! I drool over your everyday acorn caps. Ours are not the same here. I would just melt to hold one of those gigantic ones! You must have been so excited! The bird’s nests are perfect for it and a good project to use them instead of hoarding them, as I would. :}

  2. I planted a Bur Acorn 4 years ago. It is now about 6 feet tall & looking healthy. Hope I live long enough to see an acorn on it.

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