Every month, the teachers from our Maple Village Waldorf School host a Parent Education evening where they discuss a Waldorf topic that is relevant to us and our children. These evening have been so helpful in understanding my children from a Waldorf perspective.

The topic for discussion last month was The Six Year Transformation. My Teddy is 5 and a half and as he nears this transformation, it’s invaluable to us to have the knowledge behind why he does and feels the way he does. This information makes me even more determined to nurture his sense of magic in these last years of early childhood as I know it resonates so strongly in his world and will only lessen from hear on out.

Thank you Ms Michelle for putting your wonderful talk into writing for us to refer to and share with others. Please click the heading below to read the article…

The Six Year Transformation

Why No Computers - Discovering Waldorf ~ www.theMagicOnions.com

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