Teddy and Kitty found a little slip of paper in their advent calendar this morning that read, ‘Let’s make Baby Jesus!‘ They also found a walnut shell, some burlap and a little wooden round. Oooooo!! They were so excited to get started … look at the sweet little Baby Jesus they made together…

Here are the supplies we needed:

* half a walnut shell (from the grocery store this time of year)

*burlap (from the fabric store)

* one little wooden round (found at your local craft store)

*some felt or fabric for the baby’s blanket

*a hot glue gun

We used the burlap to make the hay that lines the walnut manger. We cut it into a long strip and Kitty pulled out the strands one by one.

She then rolled the strands up into a ball and poked it into the walnut shell.

She cut out a little blue blanket to fit the walnut shell.

We put a little sleeping baby’s face on the head with a fine tipped permanent marker and stuck it in place in the manger with a little glue from my hot glue gun. Then we stuck the blanket in place and look! The sweetest little Baby Jesus!

He is precious. He sits in on the window sill, in the warm morning sun, waiting for us to make Mary and Joseph… I can see a whole nativity set in our future :-)

Blessings and magic,


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  1. Schools all over the western world are having Nativity plays now. England is no different but, as the newspaper reported the other day, they are not allowed to use the J…… word. !!!!
    When I think of Nativity plays I think of Kromme and all the cousins dressed in dressing gowns to resemble shepherds and kings. Gran’s shocking pink one went on for years. There seemed to be a new addition to the family every year to take the part of baby J…….

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