We are making a Nativity Set as we talk about the Christmas Story. Last week we made Baby Jesus (click here to see how we made him in his cute little walnut shell). Today we made Mother Mary and Joseph to look after him.

We needed :

* two wood peg people

* wool felt

* scissors

* a black marker

* hot glue gun

We started by making templates for the wool felt clothes out of paper. Kitty cut paper in different lengths and widths, testing them all against her peg dolls until she had just the right sizes and shapes for their clothes… she’s a fashion designer in the making.

Then, she used her paper templates to cut the wool felt in the same shapes as the paper she had just been playing with.

For Joseph, she decided on a pale blue undershirt and a darker blue cloak… two rectangles of felt in slightly different sizes. She hot glued the undershirt in place.

Then the darker blue cloak.

Two eyes with the permanent marker and a little brown fluff for Josephs beard.

For Mary, she chose a dark blue dress and the same colored head scarf. A little brown yarn for her hair glued into place and Mary is ready to look after her Baby Jesus.

They are very sweet indeed. Next, we will be making the Three Kings and the Shepherd so be sure to tune in again tomorrow.

Blessings and magic,


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