Lovely December… packed full of so many festive activities. We have been crafting up a storm to fill our Christmas tree with handmade ornaments. And, we have been enjoying the warmth of the fire and the calm of the pale winter sunlight.

Here are a few photos of some moments from our December days…

Kitty has a favorite chair by the fireside. She wiggles into it and gets comfy. She’s been weaving a lot (I think there is a Christmas present for someone on the loom!)

She nestles happily into her chair and listens to her latest story installment from Sparkle Stories. Just look at this special moment I caught… she’s genuinely enchanted by what is going on in her imagination.

She has started a journal and is writing her childhood memoirs. We remember things that have happened, laugh together, and then she wiggles into her chair to record the memories.

It’s very sweet indeed!

Teddy has been working on on his gingerbread house… building it AND eating it.


And finding still MORE ways to play with his beloved Curvy Board. He now ‘surfs’ on it, plays ‘skydiver’ on it and says it makes the coolest car ramp ever! It’s a great outdoor toy but it’s just as awesome indoors too.

Our tree is starting to look a lot like Christmas.

Needle Felted Christmas Ornaments -

As is the rest of the Sunny House

Kitty and I invited our teachers over for a little tea and a needle felting workshop.

Sweet fairies were made by all.

This is my pile of scrap wool!

Teddy’s been working with my camera. Here are his closeups on raindrops from a few days ago… a little budding photographer in the works…


Also, lots of nature walks to collect the last of the Autumn leaves.

And, of course… I’ve been a busy little elf in the Fairyfolk workshop. Hundreds and hundreds of felted treasures to make and ship off to lucky people all over the world.

December is a wonderfully busy month for us all but we make sure to step aside sometimes and enjoy the warmth of the fireside and the peace of a warm winter home.

Blessings and magic,


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  1. I was the recipient of one of your lovely shop items – and can’t wait to get it to its final destination. Thanks for sending such a lovely item, that needs no more packaging on my end! My mom is going to love it.

  2. I love how Kitty is sitting snuggled in her chair by the fire looking cozy and warm – in short sleeves! I was so worried when she couldn’t read a word at 7yrs old. You assured me she’d be fine learning the Waldorf way, and she sure is. She is not only reading chapter books but she’s writing a diary! Wow.

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