It’s fun to eat dinner in the dark. In the summer time, Teddy and Kitty have to go to sleep when it’s still light outside. But, in the winter time, it gets dark at around 5 and we can enjoy a lighted candle or luminary on the dinner table.

We had fun today, making a new woodland luminary for our table.

We started with a sheet of watercolor paper. I drew a birch tree and a huge family of owls in permanent marker. Kitty colored it in.

Each owl a new color.

When it was colored in beautifully, we placed the whole page on a tray and painted it with olive oil.

The oil sinks into the watercolor paper and makes it wonderfully transparent so that the candlelight glows golden through it.

When the paper was nicely saturated with oil, we used a paper towel to remove the excess oil. It was amazing for Kitty to see how the oil ‘set’ the colors and made them even brighter than before.

Then we used our hot glue gun to stick the two end of the paper together, forming a tube. We lit a tea-light and admired how beautifully golden our handmade luminary glows.

Our new luminary adds to the warmth of our cozy new Sunny House.

Blessings and magic,



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11 Responses

  1. A friend mentioned your website to me ages ago but life got so busy and hectic I never got a chance to stop by. I have popped in several times now and just love what you do! This owl light is adorable. I can see I will be making one in the near future! I have recently done a Waldorf post and I have linked to your site for a few activities :)

  2. What a gorgeous idea! At the moment, we eat breakfast and supper while it’s still dark outside. This would make a lovely addition to the table. Did Kitty use ordinary pencils or are they watercolour pencils? Simply beautiful.

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