Alas, this horrid flue has descended upon the Sunny House. I knew something was up when Teddy asked to sit quietly with me on the sofa on Thursday morning. He cuddled into me and sat, motionless for what seemed like ages, just gazing into the distance. Hmmmm, I thought, this is unlike my active 5 year old!

By nighttime, his eyes were glazed, his body was sore and his appetite was gone. Kate became ill on Friday and A Good Man an I, on Saturday. We have renamed ourselves, the Sick House.

We have a few ‘sick’ traditions in the Sick House.

Lemon and Honey Tea:

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We drink copious amounts of lemon and honey tea. 1tsp of honey dissolved in a cup of hot water… add two slices (or more) of lemon and let steep for a few minutes (add ginger if you like it… but we don’t). The lemon has lots of vitamin C to help boost the immune system… the honey is a natural antibacterial for a sore throat and the ginger is good for an upset tummy.

We also gargle with salt water when we have a sore throat. We make a cup of ‘salt tea’ : 2 tsp of salt in a cup filled up with warm water and stirred until all the salt has dissolved. We take a mouthful of the tea, put our heads back and gargle – spitting the salt water out between gargles (don’t swallow the salt tea!) It’s amazing how this simple remedy helps sooth a sore throat. The salt acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and draws the excess liquid away from the swollen tissues of the throat… reducing the swelling and soothing the sore throat. The salt also draws out, and dries, bacteria and mucus in the throat and flushes it away.

And then, of course, chicken soup!

I make up a big pot of chicken soup. None of us feels much like eating but sipping warm chicken broth is soothing and nourishing at the same time.

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Chicken Soup Recipe:

Add diced Onion and fry in a big soup pot.

Add Carrots at end of frying.

Add 1 pint of chicken stock

Add 8 cups of water

Add a bunch of Kale

Add a cut up chicken

Add a tablespoon of vinegar

Add 1/4 cups of dried split peas, 1/4 cups of lentils and 1/2 cups of barley.

Simmer for 1 and a half hours and serve warm with bread and butter for dipping. Usually, even my little ones without appetites will consume some warm and nourishing chicken soup.

I hope you are all feeling a little better than we do.

Do you have some ‘sick time traditions’ in your home?

Blessings and magic,





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6 Responses

  1. Ag shame man, all of you sick. An old remedy for sore throats prescribed by the best GP in Cape Town , your grandfather, was the juice of sliced onions gargled. Get well soon.

  2. Dear Donni,

    Would you want to repost this on Our Sonoma County readers would love to see this post on natural remedies, and I’m sure they’d love a link to your site to discover all of the incredible support you offer to Waldorf families…

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