I have been hard at work needle felting Easter Eggs for Kitty and Teddy’s egg hunt on Easter Morning. It is our Easter tradition that the children each make an Easter nest out of grass and twigs on the day before Easter Sunday. It is into these nests that the Easter Bunny leaves them a bounty of chocolate treats on Easter Morning.

After breakfast, we all go out into the garden to find a few non-edible Easter treasures I have made for them.

There are always a few woolen Easter Eggs hanging in the trees… some from years past and always one or two new eggs too.

Look at the new eggs they’ll find on Easter Morning…

I thought I’d share the tutorial with you.

Materials Needed :

* wool roving  in pastel colors and a needle felting needle (found online at A Child’s Dream)
* a needle and thread
* scissors

Break off a piece of wool roving about as long as your hand, from the base of your palm to the tips of your fingers. Roll, the wool firmly into an oval.


Hold this oval ball of wool in your hand and gently poke it at the join with your needle felting needle. Be sure NOT to poke deeply into the wool as you DO NOT want to poke the sharp needle into the palm of your hand… gentle pokes catches the wool to stop your rolled up oval from unraveling. If you are nervous that you’ll poke your hand, set the wool oval on your felting board and felt it there.

Gently needle felt the bottom of your Easter Egg into a nice round shape.

Lie the egg flat and continue forming the wool into a lovely egg shape. Again, poke gently as you do not want to poke the sharp needle into your hand. If you feel more comfortable setting the egg on your felting foam, this will work just as well too.

Now we’ll make the branches of the cherry tree with a small amount of brown wool.

Roll it between the palms of your hands to form a wool branch.

Set your branch on the egg and gently needle felt it in place.


To make the cherry blossoms, break off a small tuft of pink wool.

Roll it into a tight ball in the palms of your hands.

Set it on your egg and needle felt it in place.

To make a hanging thread for your Easter Egg, pass a long needle and thread from the bottom of your egg through to the top… and back again.

Tie the two threads together at the bottom and knot them tightly. I added the green wool grass to my egg after I had inserted the hanging thread to hide the tied knot of the thread at the bottom of the egg.

Voila… pretty needle felted Easter Eggs for your little ones to find on Easter Morning!

If you have enjoyed this needle felting tutorial, be sure to scroll through my other needle felting tutorials on my Needle Felting Tutorial Page.

Blessings and magic,



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  1. So charming! I just got my shipment of hollow felted eggs (and a couple with little bunnies inside) from you for my little ones’ baskets- just wanted to let you know how much I love them!

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