Excitement abounds!! We have our first entries into our 5th Annual Fairy Garden Contest!!! It is thrilling to see each new Fairy Garden and imagine all the magical experiences the children have had (and are still having) with them.

I will be featuring a new Fairy Garden entry each week and this week it’s a gorgeous Fairy Garden made by Mama Rosemary and her children… this garden is made from edible and medicinal plants! Isn’t it lovely…

I love to see these lucky children playing in their magical place… a Fairy Garden is SUCH a joy and I hope these photos have inspired you to make your own Fairy Garden with your children… they will love every minute of it!

Here’s a link to see more of this magical Fairy Garden on Mama Rosemary’s own blog – Mama Rosemary’s Edible Fairy Garden.

Want more Fairy Garden inspiration? Click here to enter the 2013 Fairy Garden Contest or just browse through the magical gardens already entered.

Click here to visit my Fairy Garden Page and see the magical creations from past years… there are some seriously adorable photos!

Here’s a link to purchase the cutest Fairy Garden Kit ever.

And click here to visit (and follow) my Pinterest Fairy Garden Page .

Blessings and magic,



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  1. Wow! Thanks so much for featuring me! We had so much fun making our garden together, it was truely a magical experience marked by teamwork and fun. I just love this contest and can’t wait to see all the awesome creativity and fairy sweetness.

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