We have a real treat today… Sas, from the incredibly awesome blog, Daily Colours, has made some fairy home decor for us. She made these pieces especially for us here on The Magic Onions… AND shares how she made them with us too!! Don’t her creations just make you want to be a fairy!! And live in the fairy house she has made?! Look……         (and welcome, Sas, from Holland)

Sas : Inspired by the Fairy Garden Contest and all the magic I discovered here on the Magic Onions blog, I thought it would be lovely to share some fairy home decorating ideas on my first guest blogpost.

The main materials are corks, shells, nut shells, birch branches, tooth picks and wooden beads. I used beeswax scraps and Stockmar sticky wax instead of glue, so I can reassemble the items whenever I like. If you want to let children play with the furniture it is probably better to use (non toxic) glue instead.

For this cosy fairy kitchen I used birch disks, a cork and a shell. The gas burners are made of tealight wick holders (beaten flat) and the stove knobs are wooden beads. There is a hazelnut salad bowl l filled with a green moss-salad and salad servers made of toothpicks and wooden beads.


A good kettle is essential in making fairy dewdrop tea! This one is made of cork. I halved a cork with a small hacksaw and cut off a thin slice. With a pair of scissors I then cut a small circle out of the slice. Then I put the circle on top of the cork half and secured it with a toothpick and a bead. The outer ring of the slice of cork became the handle of the kettle. And a half toothpick and a tiny snail shell completed it!

A cozy sitting area is the pride of every fairy or gnome. Some fruit in a half acorn shell and a walnut reading lamp complete this little scene. The chair is made of dried tree bark and the seat of birch.

This birch table with table legs made out of half corks and the dried birch chair are ready in no time and are ideal for outdoor and indoor fairy scenes. They are sturdy enough for children to play with and can easily be repaired.


More delicate and less suitable for young children to play with are these walnut lamps. But in underground root houses and the dark tree stump houses, they are essential as reading lights for the gnomes. The walnut shell is filled with beeswax scrap and a pin with a wooden bead serves as a light cord.

Muscari flowers and dried berries in baskets and bowls are wonderful decorating accessories. When there are young children around the houses use only edible dried fruits like raisins and cranberries.


The most lovely thing about creating these little fairy homes and gardens is that you find yourself looking at your environment in totally unexpected new ways. Acorn caps are no longer just acorn caps but fairy bowls, hats and cups. Corks, snail shells, pebbles, moss and even the tiniest branches can be transformed into a fairy decor and can also be found in the city. Just look and you will see…there is magic everywhere!


Wow! Thank you, Sas. I’m utterly enchanted! What delightful little fairy treasures you have made. I bet I’m not the only one who wants to rush right out to find some acorns, berries, nut shells and make some fairy furniture. How delightful! I’m so excited to see what you will be creating for us next time.

Friends, I’m sure you want more of Sas’s magic… you can find her on her beautiful blog, Daily Colours.

Before you pop on over there, are you working in your Fairy Garden? Be sure to check out the new entries in the 2013 Fairy Garden Contest.

For even more inspiration, visit my Fairy Garden Page AND my Fairy Garden Pinterest page too.

Here’s a link to purchase the cutest Fairy Garden Kit ever.

Blessings and magic,



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9 Responses

  1. These fairy houses look incredible!
    I love the use of all the natural and recycled materials.
    And the furniture would look nice in a little hobbit hole to ;-)

    Absolutely adorable! <3

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