The beautiful Sas, from Daily Colours, is back to share a Zen Fairy Garden she made especially for us! It is the epitome of fairy sweetness! So wonderfully peaceful … I’m sure it’s where fairies go to relax and reconnect with their inner calm.

Sas : This dreamy tabletop fairy garden is a mini version of a zen garden. According to Wikipedia a zen garden “creates a miniature stylized landscape through carefully composed arrangements of rocks, moss, trees and bushes, and uses sand to represent ripples in water”. This fairy version is a great playscape for children because it combines imaginary and sensory play.


The base is a glass cake stand filled with shell sand. (You can also create one yourself with a mason jar and a glass dinner plate glued together with a hot glue gun). The center piece is a ‘bonsai’ tree made of a pebble and an upside down tree root.

Using natural materials you can create small objects to play around with in your garden. For example, in this case I used a hot glue gun to attach a sea shell to a walnut shell. The sea shell filled with water is a perfect small bowl in which you can float colorful little flowers.

You can add gem stones like rhinestone or rose quartz to create a special ambiance. You might also like to try adding subtle plant details, like succulents and ornamental grass. The fairy zen garden is perfect in its simplicity and can easily be changed by adding a new gemstone, plant or flower detail. My son loves to discover my secretly added changes.

Creating patterns in the sand is a wonderful relaxing sensory activity for children. You can use minature garden equipment, but feathers, cocktail sticks or paint brushes work great too.
Placed on the dinner table it helps kids to relax just before dinner and later with a small candle it is a lovely table ceterpiece. I hope you will enjoy it is much as my family does!
I know I am not the only one totally in love with your Fairy Zen Garden, Sas… how utterly delightful!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
I had forgotten the Fairy Zen Garden Kitty, Teddy and I made a few years ago… looking at how little my sweet ducklings were then has brought tears to my eyes… look at my Teddy Bear he was only 2… ahh, my old friend, Nostalgia!
Please visit Sas on her blog, Daily Colours, for more of her unique blend of magic… you will be enchanted beyond belief!

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Happy Birthday to my little brother, J… and happy wedding anniversary to my magical cousins, Linky and Lance… what a special day this is!

Blessings and magic,



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